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29 July 2019: Getting bad vibrations in the Skoda Karoq, part 2

The Details

Current mileage 5514
Claimed economy 44.1 - 42.8mpg
Actual economy 45.1mpg

Oh no, not again! After six months of mostly flawless motoring, the Skoda Karoq Scout has gone and spoiled it all by developing a problem in its final few weeks. 

Regular readers will know that, earlier in the year, the Karoq developed a rattling noise in the front passenger door. The fault was diagnosed as a loose piece of plastic within the door card and my local Skoda dealer had to take the car into the workshop to realign the door properly. Now the problem has returned, albeit on the opposite side.

A few days ago I was happily motoring along when I noticed that the annoying rattling noise had returned. But this time it was louder, and in the driver's door. To make matters worse, it's one of the noises that gets louder on rough roads, which means I hear it 80 per cent of the time because most of my journeys are on A and B roads.

To suffer a single problem with a new car is unfortunate, but to suffer two identical faults within the first six months is downright amateurish. And it's a real shame, because the Karoq Scout is a cracking car, which has been let down by a lack of attention to detail in the factory.  

Karoq _033

To be fair to Skoda, this is a small fault that would be an easy fixed at the local dealer. But it raises some awkward questions about the car's longevity. After all, if it can suffer two faults in six months, what will go wrong in 12 months? Two years? Or four years, when the warranty has expired? 

Given that I've only got the Karoq Scout for a few more weeks, I've decided not to take it back to the dealer to have the driver's door fixed. To be blunt, I don't have the time to spare during the working week. My weekends are also fully booked, so I can't take in on a Saturday morning either.

If I was an owner, I would obviously been rather angry that my £36,645 car has suffered two problems. But would it be enough for me to dismiss the Karoq Scout entirely? Probably not.

The past six months have been (mostly) enjoyable. And in my mind it is clear that the Karoq is a very well thought out car. And given that we've received zero complaints about cabin build quality, from our readers, it could just be that I'm very unlucky to suffer two within a short amount of time with the same car. 

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