Our Cars: MINI Coupe Cooper SD

The MINI Coupe leaves us after an enjoyable six months and the good news is that it's been excellent for the most part.
The MINI Coupe is made in England - just like my other car. But that was built in 1974. What's changed in 38 years?
The sat nav in our MINI Coupe proves to be either a godsend or a massive pain depending on where the car is.
With such a massive range of colour options and combinations it's well worth using the MINI configurator to specify your car.
The cold sets in and the adverse weather reveals some different behaviour from our MINI Coupe.
We take a brief look at the history of Mini and the myriad models made between 1959 and 2012.
The diesel engine makes our MINI Coupe a good blend of fun sports car and long distance cruiser - so we've taken it from coast-to-coast to see just how well it copes over mile after mile of mixed roads.
It's hardly the biggest car, but loading the MINI Coupe up with rubbish showed that it isn't as impractical as you might expect.
There are plenty of rivals for the MINI Coupe, but there's only one that's quite so distinctive - the Peugeot RCZ. So how do the two compare?
Our MINI Coupe has the MINI Connected system which adds numerous extra features for iPhone users. But is it worth the extra or is it a gimmick?
MINI is calling the Coupe a 'sports car' - but can it really be a sports car when it's fitted with a diesel engine?
The new MINI Coupe joins our fleet. It looks great but will it deliver the same enjoyment when fitted with a diesel engine?

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