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MINI Clubman (2007–2014)

Last updated 25 April 2018

More practical alternative to the standard MINI. Five useable seats and neat extra rear door to make getting into the back easier. Cooper D is the pick of the range.
Extra side door wrong side for loading kids into the back but right side for the driver to load a briefcase or coat into the back.
Updated 25 April 2018

Report of timing chain failure on 2014 MINI Clubman. BMW will not contribute because first service was carried out by a non BMW dealer.

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No doubt about it the MINI is the biggest motoring marketing success Britain has ever seen. The Oxford factory is turning them out in huge numbers and we still can't get enough of them.

But there was a limit to how many buyers there could be for a car that, however much fun it was to drive, could only take four at a pinch. Even totally besotted MINI lovers were having to look for something else once the Clear-Blue strip gave them the good news. What they really wanted was a stretched MINI, with a bit more room in the back seat, and a bit better access to it.

And that's exactly what BMW now gives them in a charmingly retro recreation of the original Mini Traveller. Except it can't be called a ‘Traveller', for copyright reasons. So it's actually named from another Mini ancestor, the ‘Clubman'.

MINI Clubman 2007 Road Test

MINI Clubman Hampton SD 2011 Road Test and Video 

Owners' reviews

By no means a bad car, but far from a thrilling driving experience.
Brilliant combination of performance, economy & practicality
Perfect mini fun,practical,comfortable,fast and economical
Brilliant car and practical(ish) for a Mini
Surprisingly practical, fuel efficient and fun.
List Price from £21,085
Buy new from £17,205
Contract hire from £187.18 per month

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