VIDEO: Vauxhall Corsa - a quality meme

Published 23 October 2017

The Vauxhall Corsa is as much a part of the fabric of British life as lacklustre sandwiches or arguing about Brexit. We're at the point now where it probably doesn't matter whether it's any good or not - it's become an automotive meme. 

Hit play above to get Mark's take on it.

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soldierboy000    on 23 October 2017

Well for me it is a toss up between the Polo and the C3, did i really type that?

Alan Barnes    on 23 October 2017


NickNike    on 23 October 2017

Cheap? When were Vauxhall's ever cheap? That ambient noise sounded high in the video. And safety ratings are nothing special, ah, but it is supposedly cheap. Does that make it's average safety ratings acceptable then? Especially in a small car, I would want safety maximised. If its a Vauxhall it will be one of the worst engineered cars available in the UK. You even show two other makes that are better. The motoring horror stories I have heard in my 50 years on the road usually involve a Vauxhall. And check-out the recalls. They're usually on the list and specialise in spontaneous combustion. I think they sell well because people think they are buying a British made car (being patriotic), when it has belonged to GM for decades. They sell well because a significant number of Brits are brain dead m****s. There are loads of other makes that are far better engineered and much better vale. If I wanted a small car, I would go visit a particular manufacturer, and it 'ain't Vauxhall..

momagic    on 24 October 2017

Mark's right. They're now surprisingly good. Years ago we inherited an older Corsa as a second car. It was my late father in laws, and it was terrible in just about every way. Came to buy a new small hatchback last year and I was pushing for a Fiesta, probably thought a Polo would be the better compromise, but out of loyalty my wife bought a new Corsa. And it's fine. As Mark says it's pitched between the Fiesta and Polo dynamically. Steering is a little lifeless but the chassis is very good. There's a rough bit of road near me where a level crossing feeds into some really corrugated tarmac, and you can feel the dampers doing their job. I've had much more expensive cars caught out here. Money's been spent on that chassis. I still don't get on with Vauxhall seats but it's refined, spacious, and excellent value. Mind you two electrical niggles so far so it retains some traditional Vauxhall traits,

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