VIDEO: Tesla Model 3 review - like the future got trapped inside the past

Published 31 January 2020

The Model 3 is the car that Tesla hopes will take battery electric vehicles to the masses. Even though it costs forty grand upwards. Ouch. Is it good enough? 

Click play below to watch Mark's video review, and let us know what you think in the comments below...


Deadwoodward    on 3 February 2020

I think he is quite funny and astute.

   on 3 February 2020


Deadwoodward    on 3 February 2020

Actually, further to my comment above, I think he is a bit too over the top. Too much funny stuff. For instance, what is the build quality of the Tesla? Not mentioned. Cut out all the cartoon stuff etc and concentrate on the basics of the car.

Gordon Heskett    on 3 February 2020

Mark's reviews are always informative and amusing in equal measure. Keep them coming...

Robert Neil    on 3 February 2020

Agreed ! Funny and astute !

GART    on 3 February 2020

Don't like the presenter. or the silly bits, humour is fine but he is simply silly.

   on 3 February 2020

Are you really employing teenagers to review cars?

MarkNichol    on 3 February 2020

No. I’m 39. You’ve made my day saying that. I’ll buy you a pint of alcopops for that, if I can get served. X

Ken banks    on 3 February 2020

Mark has a unique style Marmite I look forward to his fun road tests if you don't then don't watch him

Alex Chambers    on 3 February 2020

Well I daresay that there should be a responsible adult reviewing the Tesla but I remember being the first to use a Psion Organiser and Nokia phonebox so maybe we're looking at the Mac Classic of cars and are waiting for the iPhone and Siri of presenters - in which case the future is what kind of games does it play, what the coffee of the day is since the driving bit has been sorted.

Now, Siri, tell us about hydrogen v are earth batteries . . .

MarkNichol    on 3 February 2020

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means.

soldierboy 001    on 3 February 2020

I like the way he refers to the 4x2 windscreen pillars as slim.

D M FISHER    on 3 February 2020

No complaints at all. Cars are serious, yes, but not THAT serious; and if you don't like him or his self-deprecating humour then you'll obviously enjoy his lovely "knob" joke.
Oh, and if you want your opinion taken seriously, try adding some punctuation here and there.
Thanks, young Mark (I'm 72 at the moment...)

Firmbutfair    on 4 February 2020

This is a very entertaining and pretty comprehensive 'hands on' driving review from my favorite Geordie (sp?) Mark Nichol - well done mate - I think you aced it. For the money I would expect a full Head Up Display PLUS ALL the normal, 'easy to locate without looking' during night time driving KNOBS and SWITCHES for essentials such as air con, headlight beam upping and downing, the radio/CD player volume, speedo and trip computer display brightness, 4 way window controls in the doors etc. Just providing an oversized 'poke and poke again' laptop touch screen is really lazy thinking on the part of the design team - but then Mr Tesla is not daft - it saves tons of money and makes it 'childs play' for him to 'market' software upgrades as 'improvemnets' to correct all the inevitable bugs, screen lock ups and associated anomalies. Such a disappointment. A Korean Coffee T-GDI (Petrol) for half the price and twice the range would be much more to my liking I'm afraid. Who needs 0 - 62 mph in 5.3 seconds (aka Half 'G') acceleration any way - it is just plain daft - especially on UK roads!

Edited by Firmbutfair on 04/02/2020 at 09:21

St Eve    on 4 February 2020

Can I believe my eyes ? This is the HJ site and here is Mark at 12'19" advocating RIGHT FOOT BRAKING! God help you when HJ himself gets wind of this...

Bruno123    on 4 February 2020

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that review. Mark is funny and informative and I watched it throughout with a smile on my face. Keep it up Mark and forget all the sourpuss comments some people have posted.

MarkNichol    on 4 February 2020

Thanks Bruno, appreciate it. :-D

Barbara Wright    on 4 February 2020

I loved the review itself I Not impressed by the big screen control panel even if Mark liked it and thought the exterior of the car looked very old-fashioned.

madf    on 5 February 2020

Well I live in a cold part of teh country and wear gloves in winter.. So not too clever if I have to use the touchscreen from start off.. (Yes I know it's a silly comment but...)..And when he showed the App things with Smart Summon, I can't see that being legal in the UK..

It was all a bit puerile to me - but then I am an old f###.

DO I want to do 0 to 60mph very quickly.?. well perhaps once.. but never in normal driving..
DO I want to use a touchscreen to read MPH ? - where is the HUD? (and my fingers when cold don't work well with touchscreens)

Frankly if it was a petrol car it would be for the grown up boy racers only - just look at the (lack of) space in the rear seats..

It looks like 1950s thinking applied to 21st century the headline nails it in one!

Pete4L    on 5 February 2020

Interesting review.... Maybe the funny stuff should be left to Top Gear....
Back to the car.... Well Tesla is on the right track with the engineering but the design is lacking, maybe they should poach someone who works for a German car manufacturer to design the ergonomics & interior.
After the latest bashing from HM govt on the demise of internal combustion powered cars, I guess we will all HAVE to get our heads around EV's.

Jacobs Dad    on 7 February 2020

Always entertaining and always covers the salient points. I rarely used to watch reviews but this Jordie has me watching them all. Keep up the great work!

Ol King Kong    on 28 April 2020

Really enjoyable review. Thanks.

4caster    on 9 June 2020

Not technical enough in my opinion. How good are the headlights? How does the driver dip them and return to main beam? How good are the reversing lights? How do the seats adjust? How many Isofix anchorages for child seats does the car have? How do we cope with punctures with no spare wheel when we have appointments to keep? What are the tyre options, and how does each affect ride, tyre wear and cope with wintry weather? How does that touch screen work in practice? How does heating or air-conditioning or frosty weather affect range? How effective are the wipers and washers, and is there any means of keeping headlights clean? How often does the car need servicing, and by whom? How long does the warranty last? How much range will the battery provide after 5 or 10 years of use?

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