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The Audi RS 5 is now available as a Sportback, making it very close to a supercar for all the family.
Land Rover's Discovery Sport update see the car get a whole new chassis...but the same problems remain.
In many ways the Audi Q5 E hybrid is the best one you can buy - but it only make sense for a few people.
The new Nissan Juke improves the old, genre defining one in every way...but it's still no class leader. 
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Land Rover updates the Discovery Sport with a whole new chassis and interior, but the same problems persist.
Much better than the last Juke in every way, including a full personality bypass.
Mazda's brand new family crossover should correct some of the weaknesses of the 3 hatchback. It does, and then some...
A new chassis, new hybrid system and a new old name for Toyota's family hatchback - and a new sense of fun

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