VIDEO: Nissan Micra - neon coated blandness

Published 30 September 2017

The new Nissan Micra is a lot like a Real Housewife of Cheshire - overstyled and very orange. It's unusually good to look at though, and it follows two Micras that we gave poor ratings to, so it's not got a lot to live up to from in house. 

However, because it's a small hatchback it does have a lot to live up to from elsewhere - the Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo to give you but two high quality examples. So then, is it really good enough to be your next runabout? Hit play above to find out.


   on 30 September 2017

Diesel no way jose,i have the Clio 0.9T love it great engine 50mpg no problem.

Alan Barnes    on 2 October 2017

"It's unusually good to look at though". I must have been off sick that day at school when they were teaching aesthetics, although it does prove the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder....where's that bucket ?!!!

Dadog    on 2 October 2017

Seems to me, there's a shade too much concentration on the brakes. They get applied if you drift off line and also whenever you turn left or right. I'd worry about how long the brakes go before needing new pads. I suspect the steering is on the heavy side - so stick the brakes on to correct it? Hmmm.......

   on 2 October 2017

I worry about this stop start, when you come to a standstill. O.K. you might save on fuel, but what about all that extra wear on the starter motor and the flywheel ring gear, or am I out of date!

soldierboy000    on 2 October 2017

Yes you are well out of date, Constantly engaged starter motors and much more durable. Even a none stop start motor is a lot more dureable than of old.

Mike Ward    on 2 October 2017

Sounds to me as though Nissan made a mistake in dropping the Note from their range.

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