VIDEO: Mark's WORST FIVE cars of 2019

Published 23 December 2019

Here are the cars that Mark didn't like during 2019. Don't agree with what you're hearing? Call Mark names in the comments below...



groaver    on 23 December 2019

I don't get your hate for the Mondeo per se.
You decry all those same again SUVs and yet the Mondeo and its saloon competitors seem like a breath of fresh air nowadays.
Fair enough, the hybrid does seem a bit rubbish but anything not SUV has to be celebrated for that reason.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!

John Dacre    on 23 December 2019

'This video is private'. Never happened before. What's up? I'm in NZ but also tried with a VPN based in Britain.
And, also, merry Christmas

GregTaylor    on 24 December 2019

Private for me as well - must be recognition that Yorkshire is a different country. Have a great Christmas everyone.

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