VIDEO: Hyundai i30 N - too good for its own good?

Published 31 August 2018

The Hyundai i30 is a very good family hatchback, but it's not all that exciting...positively boring, you might argue. Not so this one though, the i30N. It borders on insane. 

Is it too extreme? Watch Mark's video and make up your mind.


Bogdan Bosoi    on 2 September 2018

I have recently drove it in a drive test. I was having great expectations as all the testers rave about its speed, poise and overall performance level over rivals in its class. I had many sports cars over the years, from mediocre to brilliant., so I have some experience. The Hyundai N30 is a well thought and balanced chassis, has very good stiffness, and some power.. over 3000rpm. Engine has a great amount of turbo lag, even in race mode. It is good as overall package, it does everything admirably but does not exceed in any department. And sadly feels sterile, just like the Golf R, soulless and bland. For short I could not find any reason to like it too much, maybe because I was spoiled by daily driving my old Alfa 156 Gta.

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