VIDEO: Citroen C5 Aircross - bargain Range Rover or world's soggiest crossover?

Published 14 February 2020

It's very obvious that Citroen wants the C5 Aircross to be the most comfortable crossover money can buy...but are the dynamic consequences too great? 

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hissingsid    on 14 February 2020

Why keep moaning about the shortcomings of the diesel engine? Who buys a diesel nowadays? Diesel is dying out for passenger cars, so if you want this car buy the petrol version.

Some of us applaud Citroen's emphasis on comfort, rather than ability to corner fast. What puts me off Citroens is their over reliance on touchscreens and "tech", especially given the reputation for unreliable elecrics on French cars.Having to navigate a touchscreen menu whilst driving, when all you want to do is adjust the heater settings for example, is dangerous.

Finally, why was the review constantly interrupted by pointless annoying pop video clips?

MarkNichol    on 14 February 2020

Okay then...

1. I was reviewing a diesel car. Diesels are still on sale. Some people buy them. My next door neighbour Alan just bought a diesel. I can get you more names if you still want to know more people who buy them nowadays.

2. Why keep moaning about the shortcomings of touchscreens? Most cars have them now. If you don't want one in your car, buy a car without one.

3. I like them.

Thanks for your contribution.

Love, Mark.

Marcus T.    on 14 February 2020

If I was buying a new vehicle it would still be the same as my current car. a diesel 4x4, that can tow.

Bruno123    on 15 February 2020

Geordies make the best car reviewers.

MarkNichol    on 17 February 2020

Couldn’t agree more. :-)

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Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}    on 16 February 2020

Touch screen controls are distracting and over complicated and difficult to touch when driving along. In my Skoda VAG.

Steamdrivenandy    on 16 February 2020

Ee Mark you must have the biggest jumper drawer in the country.

SCSmith    on 17 February 2020

I agree with not liking touch screen controls, but for this reason; in a right hand drive car, a right handed person has to use their left hand; but also because you have to look at the screen to operate it. In my A6, like many other cars, once you've glanced at the control knob you need (a split second), you can operate it without looking at it.

Plodding Along    on 18 February 2020

I totally disagree! Mark is without a doubt the best, most down to earth and most entertaining car reviewer out there!

Many times I have laughed out loud at his brilliantly put together videos that are far, far more fun to watch than so many bland car reviews.

You keep up the excellent work, Mark!

P.S Good to know you like the Pug 3008 - ours is coming up to 2 years old now and I still absolutely love getting in it and going on long drives. Really great car that does everyrhing we want it to...


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   on 17 February 2020

Citroen? £1000+ to replace electronic handbrake on C5. Never again. (Electronic handbrake on any make - never again!)

   on 17 February 2020

If you use the voice commands you don’t need let go of the steering wheel

Johnno431    on 18 February 2020

Here’s how it looks to me:
1. The government has moved the goalpost four times in the last five years - diesel//petrol// hybrid/ev.
2. EVs are priced at such a premium that a private buyer cannot make financial sense of it.
3. Now HMG in its infinite wisdom is going to outlaw PHEVs .
So, now that we’ve seen residuals on petrol cars - then diesel cars - now we have plugin hybrids added to the category of “devil incarnate”.
the simple answer is to keep the car you currently have !
(a) it will last at least 20years (time for govt to make up its tiny mind)
(b) your car will depreciate less each year until it owes you nothing.

soldierboy 001    on 18 February 2020

Door cards a term we use for door trim that only covers the holy bits in the door, door panel one that covers the whole of the inside of the door. Why go to the expense of engineering for right hand drive when you will only sell 2 x RHD of the model. Citroen only sell cars that they massively discount, which seems to be all the time in Spain. If people don't like the way you review they should just p*** off elsewhere we don't want to hear them complaining because we like you.

DrTeeth    on 21 February 2020

I have just bought a diesel. A BMW 530d X-drive. Brilliant performance and staggering economy. I can do much more with my 66 litre tank in this care than I could with my 80 litre tank in my last car, a Merc. Both engine sizes the same.

Chris C    on 25 February 2020

Why has Mark been made "redundant"?

Alby Back    on 7 March 2020

I will miss Mark's videos. Pretty much the main reason I've continued to visit the site regularly.

Hope he turns up somewhere else.

Ian Elliott    on 21 March 2020


Steven Campbell    on 25 August 2020

To hissingsid

Plenty of people buy diesel! Yes it may be not as popular as it once was but why would I buy a petrol car or an electric car when it doesnt have half the range of my diesel car and as mine is 2016 my road tax is £30 so again I ask you why would I buy anything else? Especially in Northern Ireland where I live the diesel car is still a very strong seller. Admittedly if you're not doing the mileage go petrol or electric or hybrid but if not why would you pick anything else other than the diesel version??? Oh I know because the government says so, aye I'll go and buy a car that's thirstier on fuel or hideously overpriced if we're talking electric! Hissingsid you sir are an idiot!

Steven Campbell    on 25 August 2020

To the chap who doesnt like electronic handbrakes, good luck with that for there are very few newer cars that dont come with one of these!

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