SsangYong named as best performing car manufacturer in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018

Published 19 October 2018

The UK’s most satisfying car brand is SsangYong, according to readers of

The site took ratings based on the feedback of over 10,000 owners, with each car assessed in a variety of important areas including reliability, ride comfort, fuel economy, practicality and performance. Owners also ranked their cars for build quality, ease of use and safety.

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SsangYong is Britain’s best performing car manufacturer, with drivers rating it in almost every area in the Honest John Satisfaction Index 2018.

Owners praised SsangYong for its reliable and practical cars that are easy to use and comfortable. SsangYong was the only carmaker to notch up an impressive 90 per cent approval rating with drivers.

The best overall car in terms of satisfaction, as well as reliability, was the Toyota Prius, which achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 94.8 per cent, just pipping the Skoda Superb Estate (94.5 per cent) and Skoda Kodiaq (92.5 per cent) to the top position.

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The two Skoda models took individual honours, though, with the Superb Estate being named Britain’s most comfortable car and the Kodiak the best performing SUV.

The worst performing car in the annual index was the previous generation Vauxhall Astra (produced from 2009 – 2015), while Fiat was named the least satisfying car manufacturer overall.

Meanwhile, NFU Mutual took the honours as the most satisfying car insurance company to do business with, retaining its title from 2017.

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Chris C    on 16 October 2018

NFU Mutual - we had two cars insured with mainstream insurers and twice, after using comparison sites when their insurance was due, rang our local NFU Mutual branch who were much cheaper. They have lots of local offices and traditional personal service. Possibly because they are a mutual, a bit like a building society, rather than a profit making corporation. What's not to like?

Mike Sp    on 16 October 2018

I had a quote from them in August this year. They were over £100 more expensive than my existing insurer.
What's not to like? - in my case NFU.

Erzahl    on 17 October 2018

Hahahaha! HonestJohn does not give good reviews on SsangYong cars, now the real customers speak! SsangYong is one reliable brand, with great quality and value for your money! I owned a Korando model and I am very happy and proud to have one!

Edited by Erzahl on 17/10/2018 at 05:08

Craig_    on 17 October 2018

Did Chinese bots get at the survey? Surely some mistake. SsangYong are horrendous and everyone knows this. I'll wait to see if any real owners comment.

Edited by Craig_ on 17/10/2018 at 10:29

TheUrbis    on 17 October 2018

I've got one. Can't fault it.

jimboLL    on 17 October 2018

Well I'm happy with mine (Turismo on 16 plate). Is it the best car in the World? No, but to buy a comparable vehicle from another manufacturer would have cost at least twice the money, which I simply don't have, so I live with some of the quirks which enable the SsY to be manufactured cheaply (no height adjustment on front seats, rear seats do not fold flat or tumble, manual cabin lights rather than automatic). I've had one warranty issue, which was fixed promptly by the supplying dealer. The only difficulty I've had is buying suitable snow tyres as the wheel size seems to be unusual and the vehicle weighs 2250kg empty so needs reinforced sidewalls, but most people never bother with these, and I found some in the end.

It seems to me there is a large unsatisfied market in the UK for cheap honest cars that can be knocked about a bit without having to worry too much, and most of SSY's range (apart from the top ends of the Tivoli and new Rexton lines) is aimed at this sort of market.

Unfortunately they are getting stuffed in mainland Europe by horrific "eco" taxes on big oil-burners which removes the cheapness factor in these markets. Luckily in most jurisdictions the tax does not apply to SsY's pick-ups so they still shift plenty of these in the rural areas.

Andy Ellis    on 17 October 2018

They're perfectly good, honest, value for money cars: exactly what made Skoda's attractive before they went mock premium. Also like Skoda of old, they don't sell many so they have a small dealership of garages that want to sell them and give good personal service; rather than chase the next finance package sale.

They're solid and reliable; which is key for anyone buying their car with their own money. They're not the fastest; most economical; or latest technology - but what is fitted works and works for a long time.

I've been very impressed with my Tivoli.

Happy to drive 450 miles in a day and not get out feeling stiff and tired. Economy is surprisingly close to what is advertised: I've averaged around 48mpg mixed driving over the last 5000 miles of motorway, back lanes and stop start city commuting: not bad for a 1.6 normally aspirated petrol engine.

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