Kia EV3 2024: Prices, specs and release date

  • New Kia EV3 is an electric small SUV
  • Promises a range of more than 370 miles with the biggest battery choice
  • Arrives in late 2024 with prices from around £30,000

The new Kia EV3 is an electric small SUV with exciting styling and the promise of an extra-long range.

Taking the fight to the Volvo EX30 and others, the new Kia EV3 effectively replaces the Kia Soul EV, and sits below the Kia Niro EV in the firm’s line-up.

The new Kia EV3’s distinctive, modern styling is matched by a similarly contemporary interior that’s packed with clever features.

The new Kia EV3 also promises plenty of space and the biggest boot in its class.

As well as rivalling the Volvo EX30, the new Kia Niro EV3 will challenge the Jeep Avenger, the new Smart #1, the upcoming new MINI Aceman, and the Fiat 600e and many others in the fast-growing small family electric SUV market.

2024 Kia EV3 prices and release date

The new Kia EV3 will be released this summer in its home market. A global car, it is expected to be released in the UK towards the end of 2024.

The new Kia EV3 will be competitively priced. A starting price from around £30,000 is possible for the entry-level version, with longer-range models expanding over the £40,000 mark.

2024 Kia EV3 styling, interior and technology

The new Kia EV3 is described as having a bold and progressive look, which is immediately apparent from the first images of Kia’s latest electric SUV.

Inspired by the award-winning Kia EV9, the new Kia EV3 has a distinctively boxy and square-edged look. The wheels are pushed out to each corner, and the purposefully simple lines enhance its futuristic appearance.

At the front, the new Kia EV3’s headlights are arranged vertically and pushed right into the corners of the clean-looking front end. They feature the Kia Star Map signature lighting concept, which enhances the latest version of the Kia Tiger Face.

At the side, the new Kia EV3’s bulging and sharply-cut wheelarches give it a confident and assertive stance. The roofline is long and slopes gently towards the rear, and the pinched feature line in the rear pillar feeds into the wraparound tailgate spoiler.

The new Kia EV3’s tail lamps are also vertically arranged, wrapping around the bulging shoulder line, and there are additional LED strips that feed into the central divider bar. Kia’s latest alloy wheel designs are eye-catching, too.

The new Kia EV3 is available in nine different colours, including Aventurine Green and Terracotta. This car wears the GT-Line styling pack, which further enhances the car’s distinctive lines.

Inside, the new Kia EV3 has a clean and modern look, with a fascia that combines colour-keyed plastics and trim inserts with tactile upholstery. The buttons on the door are picked out in a vertical styling trim.

The new Kia EV3 has an ultra-wide digital display that stretches almost 30 inches end-to-end. There is a 12.3-inch driver display, a 5.0-inch climate control panel and a 12.3-inch central touchscreen, which offers the latest Premium Streaming tech delivered via LG Web OS. It means users can play arcade games inside the new Kia EV3, which the kids (and big kids) will love.

The new Kia EV3’s digital display can run various different Display Themes, which can be purchased through the online Kia Connect Store. The first ones are NBA team-themed and expect many more display themes to follow in the future.

In a Kia first, the new Kia EV3 uses Kia’s AI Assistant technology. This uses Generative AI to comprehend complex voice commands through natural language understanding. Kia says it will be able to "converse naturally with users."

For those who are not so keen to chat with their car, the new Kia EV3 also includes a row of physical buttons, while the digital climate control display is prominent too.

Another neat detail inside the new Kia EV3 is a clever centre armrest that includes a slide-out table – ideal for tapping away on the laptop while charging. There’s stowage space below it that’s big enough to take a small backpack.

Rear seat space in the new Kia EV3 should be ample, while those in the front can sit back while they charge up thanks to seats that include a fold-back relaxation mode.

The new Kia EV3 will have the biggest boot in its market, offering a 460-litre capacity with the seats up. With them folded, the boot expands to 1250 litres. There is also a 25-litre ‘frunk’ which is ideal for storing charging cables – the charge port is on the offside front wing.

As for interior colour schemes, the new Kia EV3 is available in Subtle Grey, Warm Grey and Blue, while GT-Line models are also available in Onyx Black.

2024 Kia EV3 performance, battery and range

The new Kia EV3 launches with a single 204PS electric motor option, driving the front wheels. It has 0-62mph performance in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 105mph.

It is anticipated future new Kia EV3 will have a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup, possibly giving power outputs of 300PS or more.

The new Kia EV3 offers a choice of two batteries. The Standard Range is a 58.3kWh battery. The new Kia EV3 Long Range is an 81.4kWh battery.

Range figures for the new Kia EV3 are still to be confirmed, but it is anticipated the Long Range will deliver over 370 miles between charges. Even the new Kia EV3 Standard Range is expected to travel for more than 250 miles between charges.

The new Kia EV3 has 400V DC rapid charging functionality, rather than the faster but more expensive 800V system used by the new Kia EV3. The speed is 102kW in the Standard Range model and 128kW in the Long Range. This means both can still charge from 10% to 80% in 31 minutes.

The new Kia EV3 is based on the firm’s latest Electric Global Modular Platform, or E-GMP. This is said to include "state of the art" battery monitoring tech.

The new Kia EV3 will also come with the latest Kia i-Pedal 3.0 regenerative braking system. This gives ‘one-pedal’ driving, helping maximise brake energy regeneration while also adding (once they get used to it) a convenience feature for drivers.

Full technical details of the new Kia EV3, including confirmed performance and range, will be revealed nearer to its UK launch.

How big is the new Kia EV3?

The new Kia EV3 is 4300mm long. This makes it around 70mm longer than a Volvo EX30, and 120mm shorter than a Kia Niro EV.

What is the range of the new Kia EV3?

The new Kia EV3 will have a range of over 370 miles with the 81.4kWh Long Range battery. Even the Standard Range battery will have a range of around 255 miles.

How clever is the new Kia EV3’s infotainment?

The new Kia EV3’s infotainment features the Kia Premium Streaming Service, which is delivered by LG Web OS, and the new Kia AI Assistant. There are also integrated gaming services.