Honda e electric city car now available to order

Published 21 May 2019

Deposits are now being taken for the new Honda e electric car ahead of deliveries from April 2020 - with prices expected to start in the region of £30,000.

A dedicated online reservation website allows customers to join the waiting list for an £800 refundable deposit - despite prices yet to be officially confirmed. The manufacturer says it's already had 20,000 expressions of interest across Europe - with 6000 of those from the UK.

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Buyers can choose from five colours, made up of Platinum White Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Crystal Blue Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic and the striking Charge Yellow.

The compact electric car will have a range of more than 125 miles and the capability to fast charge to 80 per cent battery capacity in 30 minutes.

“The official naming and the opening of the reservation process is the next step in the Honda e journey andthe path to 100 per cent electrification of Honda’s model range in Europe by 2025," said Honda UK's head of car, Phil Webb. "UK customers are leading the charge by being among the first in Europe to reserve their priority status to order the Honda e.”

50258_Honda _e _2EX_R34_Charge _Yellow _preview


Micky Myers    on 21 May 2019

WTF - Is that a camera instead of a simple mirror? No wonder cars are becoming so expensive!

mmmmm    on 21 May 2019

WTF - Is that a camera instead of a simple mirror? No wonder cars are becoming so expensive!

Correct...the camera costs £29,995 and the rest of the car, including the battery, etc, only a fiver. Impressed by your financial judgement...hope you are one of the many other astute UK buyers...

Micky Myers    on 21 May 2019

£29,995 for a camera? Really? It must be very good...

Engineer Andy    on 21 May 2019

Oh yeah, we've all got 30 Grand to spend on a car that has to be charged up a most every 125 miles that's smaller than a Polo. How long until it breaks even compared to an equivalent sized ICE car (after any discounts on the price are applied), assuming it's only used 'in town'?

And Honda wonders why their cars are just not selling in decent numbers in Europe or need to close the Swindon factory?

Edited by Engineer Andy on 21/05/2019 at 18:31

gavsmit    on 23 May 2019

All the reported stats for this car don't add up for me, such as the limited range and potential high asking price, and Honda have succeeded in toning down the concept car's looks just enough to make it look bland rather than retro-trendy.

It will be interesting to see the confirmed specifications of the Skoda e-Citigo due later today, because if Honda are selling their car as a 'city' car, the Skoda may have it seriously trumped in every area.

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