Toyota reveals updated Prius for 2019

Published 28 November 2018

Toyota has revealed the revised Prius which will go on sale in the UK in early 2019. As well as an exterior facelift, the updated model is available with all-wheel drive, new colours and gets an improved touchscreen system.

The new Hybrid AWD-i uses an extra high-torque electric motor to give drive to the rear wheels when needed. It engages automatically at speeds up to 7mph, to aid traction or when it detects a loss of grip, up to 44mph.

Toyota says the unit is compact and lightweight, with 'little compromise' to the Prius’s fuel economy and emissions. It uses a new compact nickel-metal hydride battery designed for cold weather performance. The front-wheel drive Prius is equipped with a new lithium-ion hybrid battery.

Styling changes include what Toyota describes as a 'cleaner look', with sleeker headlights and more conventional rear lights - the unusual vertical design being abandoned.

Other changes include two new colours - Emotional Red and Aqua Breeze - along with a new 17-inch alloy wheel and a contrast dark grey finish for the 15-inch wheelcaps.

The changes are minimal inside with new cloth finishes, a larger wireless charging tray and turn-by-turn navigation directions now on the head-up display. The Toyota Touch 2 touchscreen has been upgraded with faster response and responds to pinch and zoom gestures.

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Engineer Andy    on 28 November 2018

Not quite as ugly on the outside as the existing one. Thank God. A somewhat creepy smile on the front though.

Edited by Engineer Andy on 28/11/2018 at 18:25

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