Volkswagen Golf voted 'Car of the Year' at Honest John Award 2014

Published 15 May 2014

The Volkswagen Golf has been voted ‘Car of the Year’ by the users of The award was made at the Honest John Awards 2014, which honours the website’s most popular cars.

The awards are unlike others. They aren’t awarded by judges or a panel, instead they come from the best experts of all: our website users. The main awards recognise and reward the cars, classics and vans that our users search for most on the site. Put simply, the reviews which create the most interest among users are the winners.

The Volkswagen Golf was the most popular car over the past 12 months, with many users praising the car’s spacious cabin and impressive refinement.

“Winning Car of the Year for 2014 and Small Family Car shows the enduring popularity of the Volkswagen Golf,” said Dan Harrison, editor of

“It sets the quality benchmark in its class and is a great all-round hatchback with the usual Volkswagen build quality and refinement.”

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captpete    on 19 May 2014

a piece of junk

triumph7    on 19 May 2014

boring, unimaginative utterly predictable choice!

Nigel Day    on 19 May 2014

OK, it's a fine car, but what really infuriates me about this, and other VAG products, is the options list and the price penalty you pay for items which are standard on the various grades of Japanese cars (UK built or not). I just wish the motoring magazines would insist on testing models as built with NO optional extras. Then I think VW and others might start to struggle in comparison. How many times have you read "base price = X, price as tested = Y" where the options list has been plundered to make the car look really well specified. It is possible to spend over £10k on Golf options to bring it up to comparison with some of the competition. This is a seriously bad idea when depreciation / residuals hit back at trade-in. I'm not anti-VW having owned three from new, but the options situation is getting worse.

Jungle Jim    on 19 May 2014

very helpful, I'm sure!

biko    on 20 May 2014

Beats me how the Golf is so popular given their reliability issues. I'm in the market for a small automatic for my wife and will be going for Japanese/Korean.

peakfrean    on 21 May 2014

My sister-in-law bought a Golf about 6 months ago, and I recently bought a used Civic. They're both 13 reg, less than a year old. Obviously I don't want her car to suffer from any problems (It's a 1.4 TSi, although I know there are various versions, some more prone to faults than others), but at the same time I'm very interested to see if I've made the right choice in terms of reliability by going for a Honda. Statistically speaking the odds are in my favour. I suggested she should consider a Civic but she wouldn't hear of it.

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