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Jaguar XF (2008–2015)

Last updated 12 July 2019

Wonderful and bespoke feeling interior. Amazingly quiet and refined. More economical 2.2 diesel from 2011. Navigation as standard on most models.
2.2 diesel may be economical but lacks performance. Early XFs suffered electrical gremlins and high number of problems generally.
Updated 12 July 2019

Report of differential propshaft seal leak on 2014 Jaguar XF 2.2d 200 auto at 22k miles. 81 dated reports of faults since January 2011.

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Few cars feel as special as the Jaguar XF. In a market dominated by German makes such as the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class, the Jaguar XF is a genuinely different rival that stands out thanks to its sleek styling and wonderfully unique interior. Jaguar moved away from the traditional styling of the S-Type and has instead gone with a sharp yet elegant look, giving the Jaguar XF plenty of road presence, helped by that large gaping grille at the front.

And that appearance is backed up by some superb engines. Jaguar's ethos is focussed towards premium quality and performance as much as comfort, so there are no low powered engines in the range. Instead there are V6 and V8s delivering the kind of pace you'd expect from a Jaguar. But the best engine is the superb 3.0-litre diesel which is supremely refined and incredibly punchy, making for effortless long distance driving.

On the road on 17-inch or 19-inch wheels the Jaguar XF is as cossetting and as comfortable as you'd expect from a Jaguar with a serene feeling on motorways, but it's in corners where the XF is a revelation. It's poised and precise with great body control and a really sporty nature. And inside it's just as good.

The cabin is a superb piece of design with some wonderful details such as the circular gear selector which slowly rises from the centre console when you start the engine. There's also a lovely blue backlight to all the switches which gives the XF cabin a really different appearance at night. Of course, the Jaguar XF isn't cheap, but it does come well equipped as standard and has a charm and class that few cars, even from other premium makes, can match.

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Owners' reviews

Four door, five seat supercar.
Lovely to look at and lovely to drive.
This is one excellent car to drive but maintenance is pricey
A superb fast luxury car with fantastic handling.
It drives well but heavy on mpg
List Price from £34,925
Buy new from £29,511
Contract hire from £314.39 per month

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