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Next Mondeo to get 1.0 EcoBoost

The next generation Mondeo, due in early 2013, will be fitted with Ford's award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine that made its debut in the Ford Focus. It may be a small powerplant but it still produces 125PS with 170Nm of torque and an overboost function with 200Nm.

No economy figures have been released yet but we do know that CO2 will be 130g/km and Ford says it will have the power and refinement of a much larger engine. We've been impressed by it in the Focus and it will also go in the revised Fiesta but it's still a surprise to see such a small engine in a car as big as the Mondeo.

The engine has a low-inertia turbo, direct fuel injection and an aluminium cylinder head. It's so compact it fits on a piece of A4 paper and won the 2012 International Engine of the Year award.

The Mondeo is due here next year and gets a more spacious interior with new seats, a higher centre console with more storage and extra passanger space. This has been improved by moving the dashboard nearer the windscreen. Ford is also promising improvements in quality with interior surfaces that are softer to the touch, while panels gaps have been minimised.

Improvements have also been made to the already good handling with specially tuned electric power-assisted steering plus a MacPherson strut front suspension and an all-new premium-level multilink rear suspension – similar to Audi and BMW set-ups.

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Dorsetfella    on 6 September 2012

1.0 3 cylinder overworked overboosted petrol lump in something this size and weight? No thanks.

Russellwheeler185    on 7 September 2012

The car shape's all wrong for such a small footprint engine and such a large bonnet. What's the point of lugging around a large engine compartment full of fresh air ?

Tomfergie    on 7 September 2012

In the lower picture here it looks very Vauxhall Insignia like especially the rear three quarters. Had expected more, but Ford have fallen in to the built-in obsolescence trap by producing radical design variations every few years, doesn't do residual values any good, I'd much rather take the gradual evolution path in terms of looks with more solid innovation taking place in the bits we don't see. Good opportunity missed here.

pipey    on 11 September 2012

I share your views on this subject ,I also consider the 1.6 too small an engine for this size of vehiclw

Steve    on 24 September 2012

Ford know they lead the way with there design features the next Mondeo will sell well it will be  Number 1 in this class, Aston Martin looks for ford prices a sure fire winner.

rickerby    on 6 October 2012

I dont care what other car it may or may not look like, it looks fantastic! As for all the naysayers concerns with a 1.0 litre engine. Read any test of the 1.0 Focus, its highly rated for performance and refinement. We are not talking about a 1980s 1.0 Fiesta/Metro tyoe motor here, but a state of the art engine producing 123bhp. Besides the usual 2.0litre diesel motors are still there.

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