Kia Venga (2010 – 2018) Review

Kia Venga (2010 – 2018) At A Glance


+Spacious back seats and wide-opening doors. Easy to drive and park. Good visibility. Decent boot capacity.

-Not a sporty handler. Generally older generation petrol engines. Has not been significantly updated.

Insurance Groups are between 8–15
On average it achieves 79% of the official MPG figure

Practicality and ease-of-use were obviously top priorities for the designers behind the Kia Venga. Despite its small size the Venga is spacious, with sliding rear seats, wide-opening back doors and a high-up driving position like a little SUV. It’s easy to get in and out and easy to drive – but the Honda Jazz does everything (except price) a little bit better.

There are two petrol and two diesel engine options. The 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre petrols are affordable but they’re old-fashioned and naturally-aspirated, meaning they need to be worked hard to give their best, unlike modern turbo petrol engines. Emissions are fairly high – 130g/km for the 1.4-litre means tax isn't as cheap as you'd expect.

The diesel engines are a better bet, unless you’re a low mileage driver. The 90PS 1.4 CRDi is responsive at low engine speeds and has official economy of 119g/km, but surprisingly the more powerful 114PS 1.6-litre diesel is marginally more economical and has lower emissions. It is more expensive, of course – but the expense might be worth it for high-mileage or motorway drivers.

Sensibly designed rear seats make the Venga very family-friendly. They can be slid back and forth and reclined, depending on whether boot space or legroom is a priority, plus they split fold for bulky loads. Furthermore, the rear doors open very wide which makes life easy when strapping in child seats.

The boot is wide and flat, with a reasonably low load deck and a false floor, covering some little storage areas for small odds and ends. Volume with the seats up is 440 litres and sliding the rear seats forward increases this a little. Folding the rear seats down makes a nice flat load area with 1253 litres of capacity.

Honda’s latest Jazz has fairly similar load capacity on paper, but it has a more versatile and user-friendly rear-seat layout and a lower load deck, so is more user-friendly than the Venga. However, the Venga is available for less than the Jazz and it has a broader range of engines – so it’s still a good buy if you value practicality above all else. 

Real MPG average for a Kia Venga (2010 – 2018)


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23–66 mpg

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Kia Venga rear washer not working - is this a manufacturing fault?
"I own a Kia Venga that is five and a half years old and the rear washer is not spraying out, it sounds like it tries to work. I have been advised to take the vehicle into my local Kia dealership to have the fault investigated to see if it is covered by Kia's seven-year warranty. I am reluctant to do this in case I will be charged. "
It sounds like the rear washer is blocked with debris. If so, this is not a manufacturing fault or warranty issue. You can clear this yourself with a pin. If it is severely gunged up you may want to pay an independent garage to clear it with compressed air.
Answered by Dan Powell
Should I buy an old, low mileage car or a Cat S car?
"I have seen a few very low mileage, one owner Kia Venga and Honda Jazz 2008 for sale. Mileage as low as 15,000 miles. Are they a good buy or should I be wary? One, owner, full service history. Maybe done multiple short journeys once a week? Not a Cat S. But is a Cat S car a bargain or expensive bet? "
The biggest problem with very low mileage cars is that it often means the car's journeys have been so short that the engine and the oil are never warmed up properly. This increases engine wear, but it's not always the case as sometimes the car is just used for a longer trip once a month. If you can get an idea of how the cars have been used, then either could be a great buy. As for Cat S cars, they are in that category because they have received structural damage in a serious accident. If it's a private seller you may be able to verify where the repairs have been carried out, but it's difficult to know for sure if the structural work underneath has been done to a high standard. Buyer beware!
Answered by Lawrence Allan
What should we replace our Kia Venga with?
"We want to replace our Kia Venga as the warranty has expired. It's a great car but now too expensive for us to stay with Kia. Our budget is limited, we don't want PCP and do want a long warranty. My husband and son are both 6 foot 3 inches and I'm 5ft 10. Size wise - what could you recommend we look at please? Is the MG ZS or a Dacia Duster worth looking at and which is better size wise? "
I would personally go for the Duster which starts from £2,000 less than the MG and has stronger residuals. One area the MG ZS wins out on is warranty - it is covered for seven years/80,000 miles versus the Dacia's three-year/60,000mile cover. That said, you would be able to extend the Dacia's warranty and still spend less than if you bought the MG. Choosing a car is a very personal thing, but I prefer the rugged appearance of the Duster and its more comfortable ride. I'm 6ft 2" and have loads of room inside. That said, the Duster's boot is smaller than the MG's but only by 3 litres. Here are our reviews of the cars: Dacia: MG:
Answered by Russell Campbell
Which versions of the Kia Picanto use a torque converter gearbox?
"Can you help me identify the manufacturing years in which the Kia Picanto was fitted with a torque converter rather than a semi-automatic gearbox? I've had several different answers from dealers and Kia themselves. Can you also suggest any other similar-sized cars which have torque converter gearboxes, or which you feel have good semi-automatic and would suit an older driver doing around 3,000 miles a year? Electric is not an option. "
I believe the torque convertor was fitted up until June 2020. Other options includes: Suzuki Splash, Vauxhall Agila, Hyundai i10, Kia Venga, Hyundai ix20.
Answered by Russell Campbell
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