Genesis GV70 Review 2024

Genesis GV70 At A Glance

Honest John Overall Rating
This is Hyundai (disguised as the more upmarket Genesis) revealing its take on a premium, mid-sized SUV. A rather generic exterior conceals a sumptuous cabin, while the driving dynamics are great and customer support is excellent.

+Refined, quiet and comfortable. Unusual but sumptuous interior.

-No hybrid powertrain available.

Genesis is the posh wing of South Korean brand Hyundai; think Lexus from Toyota, or Infiniti from Nissan. Its arrival in the UK may have escaped you, but the company has been been busy enough in America to come at us with a respectable range of cars, and is sufficiently confident to challenge the German brands’ domination of the premium family SUV market. Our Genesis GV70 review will reveal if they have anything to worry about.

With the V standing for ‘versatile’, the Genesis GV70 sits between the Genesis GV60 and the Genesis GV80 as a rival to SUVs such as the top-quality Audi Q5, the agile BMW X3 and tech-laden Mercedes GLC.  To that list you can add the likes of the Volvo XC60 and sporty Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

Apart from vying with Audi for brand-with-the-biggest-grille honours, the exterior of the Genesis GV70 is rather unremarkable, like so many mid-sized SUVs.

The cabin, however, is another matter. It’s positively plush, but barely in a European manner, evoking unlikely memories of the Rover 75.

We can’t help wondering if an earlier, more futuristic interior design for the Genesis GV70 is lying around in a drawer somewhere, having been spurned in favour of this, which feels very much like a take on American luxury.

Either way, it is splendid. Sumptuous-feeling leather abounds, with barely a whiff of black plastic anywhere, and an ellipse motif dominates, rather elegantly carved out of the dashboard to contain heating and lighting controls to the left and right of the wheel.

The front-seat accommodation is as comfortable as the opulent surroundings would suggest, and the driving position feels rather car-like and not especially high, despite the presence of a Terrain mode and all-wheel drive in the engineering department.

Split-folding rear seat headroom and legroom are generous enough, and a powered tailgate oozes open to reveal a 542-litre loadspace with luggage cover storage beneath the floor.

Three powerplants are available. Firstly, there are four-cylinder, 2.5-litre turbocharge petrol and 2.2-litre diesel units with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, good for 304PS and 201PS respectively. There’s also a pricier electrified version with a motor on each axle for all-wheel drive. This delivers a healthy 490PS, and a quoted WLTP range of 283 miles.

The driving experience is all about comfort. Even the diesel engine is very quiet, the eight-speed ’box slushes through the gears with consummate smoothness and the ride is terrific. There’s just enough road surface information transmitted to keep you informed, but never enough to unsettle the cosseting appropriate to the cabin environment. 

The Genesis GV70 handles tidily enough, but you’re far more likely to find a smile on your face if you ease off and enjoy the refinement, rather than trying to corner vigorously

With a choice of Premium, Sport or Luxury grades, the Genesis GV70 range is priced from £42,370, but there’s a daunting leap to the all-electric versions, which will set you back a minimum of £65,105. For that amount, you’d expect the buying experience to be something special. And it’s certainly different…

Genesis doesn’t have a UK dealer network, instead operating ‘Studios’ – essentially shop fronts in upmarket shopping centres. To date, there are only three of these in the UK, so it’s a good job you don’t have to hunt one down.

Instead, you simply connect with Genesis online, and you’ll be allotted your own Genesis Personal Assistant who’ll hold your hand through the sale, from test drive to delivery and, later, aftercare. The Assistant isn’t on commission, so customers are promised they won’t be given the hard sell.