headlight electrical fault - mal
Hi, need some help in solving problem with sons mitsibushi galant 2ltr glsi 1989 mod. He has lost the main and full beam and has only sidelights.I have checked bulbs and fuses and they are ok, I can hear the relays working and are supplying power to the fuses although I can not find the supply for the main beam. The main beam indicator on the dash does not light up. Are there any other pieces of equipment I can check past the fuse box? If we fail to find the fault could we just simply connect a supply direct from the fuse box to the headlamps or would this be a fire hazard? We realy do not want to pay for an autoelectrician to look at it as it may outweigh the worth of the car.
Many thanks in anticipation of helpfull replies.
headlight electrical fault - IanT
You really need to study a circuit diagram for a Galant to be confident about this, and it's a bit dangerous to read too much into the way other cars are wired.

But, if your car was a Peugeot 306, the fault would almost certainly lie inside the headlight switch - there are NO fuses or relays involved in the main beam circuit to confuse the issue.



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