Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - Trinity
Hi Guys hope you will be able able advise

My 1999 30k mile Saxo VTR seems to have developed a intermittent problem with the oil warning light. About 1 time in 5 when starting the car the light flashes for approx 10 seconds, I've checked the oil level and this is fine, this seems to happen when the car is on a level and a hill and both when it's cold and hot.

Also maybe connected my fuel guage is all over the place, when I started it this morning it was on reserve for about 5 mins and then shot up to 1/4 tank.


Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - wob
I don't know about the oil light, but the fuel gauge on a Saxo is not reliable at all.

My girlfriend has a 1.1 Saxo desire with the same problem. I think that the measure in the tank sticks sometimes as it happens most often when parked on a hill.

Rob Smith.

Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - ianb
Good luck, Citroen dealers are awful at diagnoising and resolving faults. Make sure you test drive the car before you hand over any cash for the work they've done. In my experience they just change part after part until they hopefully hit the right one.

If you can stand the foul langauge and boy racers, the has a forum and i'm sure there's plenty of enteries for faulty fuel gauges etc.
Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - Andrew-T
Wob - if the fuel-gauge sender is sticking (and it is anything like the Peugeot type) there could be a bit if grit in the float-tube in the tank. You should be able to get at this under the back seat. Fish it out and give it a rinse in petrol.
Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - Richard Hall
Sounds like the Saxo fuel gauge was one of the parts carried over from its AX predecessor. As the chap at the Citroen dealership told me, 'They're all like that'.

Richard Hall
Saxo VTR - Oil Warning Light/fuel guage - Trinity
Thanks for the advice, it seems to have sorted itself out now !


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