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All - Car Diagnostic Tool help - vince.shep
Hello, I am delving the web for some advice. I run a small garage business and would like to be able to compete with the big boys like kwik fit and halfords, so I was wondering if there is some reasonable priced car diagnostic tools that would be able to bring my garage into the 21st Century?
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I'm no expert, far from it but my understanding is that it's a expensive business. Car Mechanics did a few articles on it some issues ago. I'd try some other forums like BBA Reman and ask there.


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Never considered those two as competition.
And a fancy diagnostic tool is useless without understanding,no offense but it sounds like your undersatnding could be the fault,I might suggest a traing course,"Tech Topics",see web,run training courses.
As for the units I keep an Autell for breakdowns and find it useful though I noticed in the flyer from my Snap on rep today in with the really juciy readers was there base line model for around £200.
I had one on loan last year and it wasn't too bad.
So I guess I'd a £200 snap on code reader,a dual trace ocilliscope ought to cover it,if you know what your doing.if not then see about training courses.I may be biased but I've bought several books from tech topics and a couple of 'scope probs and can report only good things about them.
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if you wish to compete with what you call the big boys then you dont have very great expectations !

halfords and kwik Fit dont exactly set the world alight when it comes to diagnostics ! ask them if they can configure and AFM to a BMW or an ABS module to a VAG or reconfigure the self levelling air suspension on an X5 or program diesel injectors on a Jaguar !

You need to be ahead of the rest of the game to suceed !

Diagnostic equipment is useless without the experince and training ! and £200 quid wonr buy you much.

i spent around £30,000 on diagnostic equipment at dealer level and scopes to be able to beat the competion with diagnostics !

Dont forget most new cars need new components configuring when fitted , so you will need dealer level equipment to configure.

Autodiagnos, autologic Autocom and carman scan is all reasonable gear but you will need 5-6 bits of kit to cover a good range of cars !

There is not one piece of kit that does it all. Hella also now do quite a good piece of kit with guided diagnostics and wiring diagram platforms for around 3k mark !

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Have I missed something? Kwik Fit and Halfords? Do they have diagnostic tools? Do they have mechanics able to use diagnostic tools?

What they do have is powerful advertising and skillful marketing, and lots of cheap outlets in low rent areas employing guys who can sell, if only on the minimum wage.

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Thanks for al the advice, I have had a look round and one particular but very specialist car diagnositc tools that keep getting suggested is the Launch Tech's car diagnostic tool range, have people used these and do they think it is value for money?

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Some garages use them as door stops, some use them along with many others !

not the quickest kid on the block.

One of the quickest kids on the block, up and running in under 10 secs is one of these


you will be suprised how if you end up plugging into 10-25 cars a day how speed is really important.

these are with guided diagnostics


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i have the launch diagun its awesome its has dealer level on most makes then a generic obd2 scan also. get a k-line protector it checks for a high voltage on pin7 on the dlc save your machine being fried this can happen to some cars plug in it checks if it light up don't plug in its caused apperantley using cheep stereo wiring harness, parrot systems can cause this too, autodiagnostics make these for about 40 quid. launch diagun would set you back about 1.5k.

regards hope it works out for ya. matt.

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I know one person who swears by his Snap-On Solus.


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