Can I upgrade the headlamps in my Range Rover Evoque?

I have a 2014 Range Rover Evoque Pure. The headlights are Halogen HB3 60w. Can you suggest or recommend a replacement bulb which should give me more light than my current candle. I tried 100w and they are worse than the 60w.

Any advice you have will be gratefully accepted.

PS. The current headlights are Projectors

I have had Jags and Audi with Xenons - I have no idea why JLR fitted rubbish bulbs into my Evoque.

Asked on 8 August 2023 by FDM65

Answered by David Ross
We'd recommend Osram Night Breakers or Phillips RacingVision bulb upgrades, both of which should be available for your Evoque. If you go for other brands it's vital to make sure they are made for road use and not 'off-road only' as some bulbs sold by well-known motor factors sometimes turn out to be unsuitable for road use.
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