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Honda FRV - fuel consumption query - Simon_chester

We are a 2 car family, one owned, one a fleet car. Sad I know, but I watch the fuel consumption of both cars. Recently, I filled up the Honda with a tank of diesel at a local supemarket. I calculated that the fuel consumption had dropped about 10%. I put this down to a few short trips recently. When I took the other car, a new diesel Peugoet 308, to the same garage, and filled up, this car also seemed to have seen a similar drop.

Having had consistent consumption over the last three months, I checked my figures and found no error. I would have to be way out on mileage or fuel used to get such a large discrepancy.

It struck me as strange that this would happen on two cars almost simultaeously. My question is, would moving to the supermarket fuel affect fuel consumption? Is there really that bigger difference in quality of fuel which would impact fuel consumption in this way?

Honda FRV - fuel consumption query - injection doc

Simon , I too experince the same issue with supermarket fuel, infact my wife can tell as soon as she drives to work on a monday if I have ever filled with supermarket fuel over the weekend. the most remarked difference is the fuel consumption and general lack of that sharp response.

Someone will be along in a minuet to tell you all fuel is the same and I'm talking out the back of my head, but for me we now stick to a well branded fuel and whilst its dearer I achieve more miles per tank and the car is more crisp and responsive.

In fact I can go as far as to say one of our cars is a petrol which has the most adictive crackle from the exhaust it sounds great but when we fill up at the supermarket it loses it crackle for the duration of the tank, so anyone that wishes to challenge me on that one is welcome as its fact, and the cars sparkle dissapears.

One of our cars is not so noticeable for loss of performance or economey with supermarket fuel except if i use it for towing ! then its hopeless on supermarket fuel so no longer use the stuff!

Honda FRV - fuel consumption query - Dutchie
So it sparks and crakles injection doc sounds like a breakfast cornflake joke.:)
Honda FRV - fuel consumption query - injection doc

Hi Dutchie, yeah it does rather. I have to say it does have a lovley crackle to it though which is so addictive its just great.

Honda FRV - fuel consumption query - madf



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