Insurance for pickup - Rats

I have just received my insurance renewal for my Ford Ranger pickup, a massive increase on last year, it's used for private use and commuting, does anyone have any suggestions as to an insurance company or broker who may be able to provide a sensible quote. I am being quoted nearly £700!

Any help would be appreciated, I am in Hampshire if that helps.

Many thanks

Insurance for pickup - NARU

I've had good experience with Adrian Flux on my 4x4.

Insurance for pickup - LucyBC

Try Viv Williams on 0844 346 0428.

They quote for insurers quoted on price comparison sites as well as those which are not and they offer cover nationwide.

Please come back to me and let me know how you get on as I am interested in feedback on both price and service.

Insurance for pickup - gordonbennet

Be warned though, high quality service and honourable dealing with competent local offices can end up with you using them for every insurance you need.
Insurance for pickup - Rats

Thanks all for your input, my broker came back with a great deal from Aviva after I questioned the price........


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