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Leyland Roadrunner - Leyland Roadrunner Parking Brakes - FJAlcroft

Hi all.

I have a leyland roadrunner, 1990, which has just failed the MOT.

The main failure is the parking brakes are only 7%. When you first start up, until there is enough air in the system, the lorry will not move, so they are working. The foot brakes are fine. The lorry has been sat for about 18 months.

Can someone give me some clues of where I should be looking. Could it be the pads/disks/drums? If so, how do I get to them? If it is an air problem, what should I be looking for.

Many thanks


Leyland Roadrunner - Leyland Roadrunner Parking Brakes - terry60

Hi. The problem is either the spring brake chamber or the cables

If both wheels gave poor readings on the rollers it is possibly the spring

chamber, as a broken spring still will supply some force

If the readings on the rollers are unequal it may be seized cables or the balance bar

16 % required for a parking brake . If you find it is the spring chamber dont TRY

TO DISMANTLE it buy a exchange unit


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