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The wife has a Y reg Corsa C 1.0 the three pot engine and I have had the chain and tensioner changed 6 weeks ago. Up until last week was only used for short runs to work and locally not going much above 40mph for long periods. This weekend took it for it's first long trip motorway speeds since new chain, after about 30 mins of 65 mph the old chain rattle came back as if the tensioner had stopped working! when we stopped this continued at tickover, left car for a hour to go shopping and when we returned the loose chain noise( bit like a diesel), had stopped , only to resume about 20 mins into the homeward journey. When back home checked oil was ok, and took rocker cover off top off the chain was tight.

Took it back to the garage and It wasn't displaying the symptoms, but told em it was after a 20 to 30 min run and I thought it was the chain tensioner sticking. Its been there two days now and the mechanic is saying he thinks it's the crank ( never heard of one failing on these before), don't think they have tested it and said that the new tensioners don't fail , gave me some bull about having a ratchet in it ( mebbe thought I came down with the last shower of rain).

I am thinking they might not have done the tensioner/used non GM even though they said it was a GM kit. Also possibly the oil feed to the tensioner could be blocked?

Feel like I am banging me head against a brick wall, Knew I should have done the job myself.

Any ideas?

Vauxhall Corsa C - Corsa chain tensioner - topbloke

get them to strip it out and tell them you want an independant engineer to inspect it once the covers are of,f that will either scare them or prove to you that they have indeed changed the tensioner may be worth an oil pressure test hot and cold before they strip it,what grade oil did they use and did they change the filter,only other thing to check was if the bit of plastic between the cam sprockets was refitted as this creates a restriction in the top of the head it feeds tthe chain and keeps the pressure up so full pressure is retained within the oil gallery keeping the tensioner well feed, as i am sure that you know the tensioner is purely oil feed no ratchet, if they say there nowt wrong with it give it a damn good drive untill it starts to make a noise then drive it back to them,

hope it gets sorted, Regards TB

Vauxhall Corsa C - Corsa chain tensioner - 1litregolfeater

I've got a car with the same problem.

It had the rattle when I bought it, so I changed it with new sprockets, chain, guides and tensioner.

Made absolutely no difference. It had already been changed once before I got it, the parts I removed were still good. It's only done 40,000 miles.

I'm going to take it apart again soon and pay particular attention to three issues.

Firstly, the roll pin which holds the top of the right hand guide rail is missing. I shall obtain a new one. This could be the major problem.

Secondly, the chain has ground off alloy from the inside of the chaincase, alloy was in the oil filter when I got it. I shall ensure the oil ways in the head are clear and replace the chaincase with a secondhand item I already have, which will fix the oil pump if it is blocked with bits of chewed up metal.

Thirdly, this car has obviously suffered oil contamination in the past, as the camshaft journals are scored, probably due to the rattling chain and lack of oil chages. This may be leading to low oil pressure, but the warning light does not come on. I'll have a good look at this.

Typically, the rattle comes in when the engine is hot, around 2500 - 3000 rpm on a light throttle and disappears as load increases. Using 5-40 instead of 5-30 quietens it down a lot.

I have to sort it out as it's burning oil on cylinder 3, probably stuck or broken rings. What an amazing little engine.

Vauxhall Corsa C - Corsa chain tensioner - 1litregolfeater

Thought I'd post up my experiences for the benefit of other Corsa sufferers.

I took the engine out last week as it was getting through a litre of oil every 200 miles.

Noticed half of the tensioner roll pin inside an oilway while gawping up with the sump off. When extracted some metal had been worn away, hard, sharp, brittle steel.

I took the cover off the oil pump, it was all scored.

There was play in the big ends and mains. Turning by hand it clunked at tdcs and bdcs.

My £50 parts bargain was in better condition, at least the bottom end.

The original motor with only 40,000 miles had never had its oil changed, had been run to destruction.

Couldn't use the top end off the secondhand engine as the cams are pitted, but I gave the rest of it a fettling and stuck it in. Filled with water which quickly soaked my sandals through a knackered waterpump. Swore and stuck the original one in.

100 miles later don't know whether to keep it for all the work I've done or get shut because I hate it. The oil is still clean and it's not used any and the rattle has gone so I may as well put a few miles on. The original engine could be rebuilt with new shells and a lot of work and luck so I'll probably stick it in the shed for a future project and keep my fingers crossed.

20,000 mile oil changes and female owners. They should make it 2,000.

Vauxhall Corsa C - Corsa chain tensioner - steady.eddie

When the chain and tensioners are renewed the oil strainer in the sump MUST be cleaned, if not the engine will be starved of oil, then......................

Vauxhall Corsa C - Corsa chain tensioner - bimmer-driver

20000 miles service intervals and an engine that takes barely 3 litres of oil. Its not difficult to see where the problems begin is it?


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