2000 honda civic 1.4 5door - exhaust fitting problem - mark.b

after some help from backroomers,i took my car into budget to have the exhaust center section replaced , it was replaced and i took the car away this was two weeks ago , over the next few days i noticed a exhaust blow start to appear, i took it back to the same branch and spoke to the guy who had carried out the work,he put it up on the ramp and we both checked the exhaust and agreed it was blowing on the front joint were it bolts onto the cat,he said to give him 20 minutes and it would be sorted,i arrived back 30 minutes later he told me it was a faulty gasket and that it was all sorted i drove the car away it sounded ok, today while driving the car the blowing noise has returned,i really have lost all faith in budget now and having used them for years after kwik fit failed to comply to a warranty claim, i cant find a customer helpline number listed for budget and really dont want to deal with my local branch again, also i have heard a rumour saying that kwik fit own budget,which in my opinion if true would explain the downturn in customer care and satisfaction

2000 honda civic 1.4 5door - exhaust fitting problem - Lygonos

Honda's own exhaust parts aren't too expensive.

Bit late for that advice I guess ;-)


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