96 1.4 Heated rear window not switching on - Mike H
My son's Megane has a problem with the heated rear window, which fails to turn on sometimes/most of the time. Unfortunately, the car is in Cardiff along with the workshop manual and I'm in the middle of Austria so I can't look at the problem for him. I'm wondering whether it is the switch, or more likely to be a relay which is failing to activate? If the latter, is it easy to get to and fix?

96 1.4 Heated rear window not switching on - elekie&a/c doctor
Lots of faults on these to stop the hrw working,rarely the switch.Broken wiring through the tailgate rubber tube.Burnt /overheated wiring in multi connector behind n/s/r parcel shelf support trim and also behind n/s/f footwell plastic trim.Could be a relay fault,but unfortunately it is not replaceable as it is part of the fuse/central relay box.hth
96 1.4 Heated rear window not switching on - Mike H
Thanks for the comprehensive response, unfortunately the resolution of most of these is beyond my son! I would guess that, as the switch doesn't seem to be switching it on (as opposed to it being switched on and not working), it is probably a problem with the relay box. Presumably I could source another complete fuse/relay box from a breakers? I'll get my lad to check the other easier things like wiring & connectors.


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