Are the dealership liable for selling me an electric car that I can't charge?

A dealership sold us a Nissan Leaf. We didn't have many requirements beyond the basic spec (Acenta 30kw) but did specifically ask prior to order to have the ability to plug into a car charger at a specific location that I visit for work (for free), a photo of all the equipment was sent to the dealership and they confirmed it would work. After purchase it transpired that even with the different adaptors provided, the car could not be charged at this location. The dealership have refused to accept any liability for this. They had the option during the sale to have given us a vehicle with a type two charge point that would have worked without question. They did not. In the meantime Nissan have told us that the only option we had to rectify the situation (an adaptor) cannot be used as it would cause a thermal induction. Should we bother pursuing a complaint through the Ombudsman on this issue. It will probably amount to several hundred pounds after the three years PCP period.

Asked on 29 June 2017 by charlottehusband

Answered by Honest John
Clear case of mis-selling, and clear grounds to reject a car that was not to the specification you specifically needed and specifically requested. The car simply does not meet the needs you bought it for. But to reject it you will need to take your case to the full County Court and that will be expensive with no absolute guarantee of a favourable ruling. See:
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