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00 2.7 smoke and splutter - sidsid06
hi.i have a terrano2 and it smokes and spluters at about 1500 revs when accelerator is pressed to the floor quickly!! then clears..it smells like unburt fuel to me, also if you hold it at 2000 reves it will do the same if floored quickly. if i press the accelerator slowly their is only very minor smoke ect.. also if i disconect the air flow meter it dose not do it!!!! fault air flow meter? their is no loss of power to the truck only when the air flow meter is disconected> any ideas be great...... thanks ollie
00 2.7 smoke and splutter - taz-david

hi mine does the exact same if changed the fuel filter and oil filter and air filter replaced the full exhaust system if any one can help i would be grateful im going to try the injectors but i dont think it is because it start and ticks over like a clock and drives not to bad just cant go over 45 mph and its not burning oil. Its not black smoke its blue when it does happen and its not all the time when it does happen. My model is the late 1995 r20 2.7 td slx version it only has 91000 miles on the clock with a service history

00 2.7 smoke and splutter - injection doc

there is a micro filter deep down inside the pump under the inlet banjo pipe. The area needs to be spotless clean and great care taken, remove the banjo and make up a hook tool to with draw the filter, clean and refit. causes loss of power and a stutter and acrid blue grey smoke !

There was a post a few weeks ago and the guy did the above and he posted back to say yep it fixed it. he did admit it was a fiddle and I think if you find the post there is more detail.


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