Squeaky Brakes - reddyhoff
I bought my Auris in August 2008, in the September the brakes started squeaking, I reported this to the dealer (Vantage Toyota) and they fixed it. They didn't seem surprised by the problem. Recently the same thing has happened again at 11400 miles and I went back to the dealer. At first they said that brakes were only guaranteed for 6000 miles, but agreed to have a look when I explained about the initial problem. They say they have fixed the problem by cleaning, greasing and scoring the discs at no cost. When I said that I hoped that this wasn't going to be a recurring issue, I was told that many manufacturers were having similar issues due to the modern composition of brake parts.
Has anyone else had similar issues?
Squeaky Brakes - Auristocrat
Visit the Auris Club part of the Toyota Owners Club UK, and you will see that for some owners, squeaking brakes are an issue. Toyota now seem to be fitting a different type of brake pad to cure the squeak. The brakes on my October 2009 Auris TR emit a very occasional squeak - but not so often as to cause annoyance. Then again its only done 680 miles, so its still early days.
Squeaky Brakes - piston power
This "may" have a lot to do with your driving style follow so many drivers with foot on brake down hills rather than using a lower gear.

Heat builds up in the friction material causes glazing of the pad the only cure is to replace it generally heats all the pad which is cooked.

I know my parents are a bit like this they lasted 21k on the jazz these on mine are still ok at 28k.
Squeaky Brakes - OldSkoOL
Toyota have recently figured out that more parts of the rear brakes need fixing.

I can't remember which parts, i think its part of the shims too