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06 2.2 Water in the footwell - ST Driver
Forgive me as this is going to go on!

Ford have told me that as the car is out of warranty they are not going to pay anything towards the water ingress fault.

The person I have spoken to at the CRC will not speak/return me or my dealers phone calls.

I am now left with the prospect of a £1450 bill.

I bought the car in June 07 and noticed quite quickly that there was water in the passenger footwell. The water appeared to be coming from the right hand side of the footwell from behind the centre console. The car went into Ford in October 07 and a possible faulty scuttle drain tube was replaced. The fault still appeared to be there occasionally. The car went in again in February 08 for the same fault. This time the dealer found no fault. But the fault still appeared to be there. Fast Forward to October 09. The car went in for an MOT in mid October and I asked Ford to look into the fault again as the warranty was nearly up. They looked at the scuttle panel and thought it was damaged. They resealed said item and told me to see how it was.

3 days later, I noticed water in the footwell and was told that the resealing hadn't worked and that a new scuttle panel was required. This I paid for as I knew trim wasn't covered after year 1.

The fault still persisted and the car was booked in on Tuesday. The dealer took 2 days stripping the entire front interior out and has found what appears to be a missing drain pipe from the heater box, but Ford CRC are saying that as the car is out of warranty they will not pay anything. The dealer has been unable to find the missing part which indicates to me and them that it was never there!

So, has anyone else had this type of fault? Is there a TSB out on this?

I am going to try one more time on Monday to get Ford to pay before I start going down the small claims route!

This thing is doing my head in. That said the dealer in Berkhamstead have been very very good and I would have no hesitation in using them again!

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