04 1.8 my car wont start properly (1.8sci) - tkdchick
hi all. my car is playing up again and i wonder if i could seek some advice prior to taking it to a garage.

for the last couple of months when i have switched my car on it has, every so often (a couple of times a month), juddered with no revs. when i have pressed the accelerator there is no noise but the rev counter goes up slightly.

but since the weather has become colder, if left for a couple of hours or more, it wont start first time. so i will turn on the ignition and get the usual warning lights of handbrake, battery and oil can. then i turn it over and either starts and immediately cuts out back to the first lights. or it doesnt start at all and when i take the pressure off the ignition it goes straight back to the initial warning lights. its also doing the juddering thing on almost every start up too.

there are no engine management lights.

its just like i have no petrol in. except it does it on all petrol levels. even today with a full tank.

then i turn off all the extras, ie, lights, seat heaters, fans, cd player. i try it again and it usually starts at that point, if not first time then second time.

i have had the battery tested by kwikfit and they say it is running at 77% which they say means it doesnt require replacing as that is plenty.

sometimes (once or twice a month) the car will cut out while im driving at any speed. but that might be my fault if iv not got the gear ratio correct for the speed. i have mentioned it in case it might be relevant.

does anyone have any ideas? i dont want to take it to a garage until i have had a couple of ideas as i dont want to be ripped off and i do not know a decent ford garage in my area as all of them have tried it on with me at some point or other.

thanks in advance

04 1.8 my car wont start properly (1.8sci) - tkdchick
just to add. it has 67000 miles on the clock.