00 1.4 poor running - mattruk
I have a 2000 corsa 1.4 sri it starts fine and runs ok until it reaches about 2-3000 revs then is very lumpy but is better when it gets above 4000 revs sometimes it is rough at low revs but not always.

At fast cruising speeds it is fine and will go from 50-80mph with no problem but drop back to low speeds and it is back again.

I have tried coil pack,lamda sensor,injectors but no luck yet i have been told that this model has no mass air meter which i believe is a common fault on corsas any help appreciated

Many thanks

00 1.4 poor running - Rattle
It muse have some sort of air metering device, I am not familier with this engine but it is a Euro II engine or even Euro III so it will have one. Some of the older 1.4s had MAP sensors but this car has the newer 1.4 16v Ecotec block.

Have you had a fault code done? Start there before anything else. It also be worth having a compression check done. Don't go round randomly changing parts it is the most expensive way of doing it.