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I want to replace the factory fitted headlights on my 2000 Honda Accord SE Executive with halo projector headlights. I cant seem to find a UK dealer. There seem to be plenty from the US online, but a few have said that their parts may not fit my car as it is a UK version and their parts are for the US version. The shape ooks the same though..

Can anyone help please?

Headlights - ijws15
IIRC this particualr colony drives on the right.

Headlight from theire will fit the car but likely to be different internally and as a result almost certaily an MOT fail due to beam spread/pattern
Headlights - Falkirk Bairn
Hondas in UK & USA can be very different cars even built in the same year!
Headlights - Altea Ego
Try japanese dealers