01 1.3 Engine misfire/juddering whilst under load - 10069
Hi hope this is the right section first of all my cars a fiesta flight 1.3l enduru-e engine.

The problem i am having with the car is that it will idle fine and if the acceleration from idle is smooth it will accelerate smoothly. The problem starts when you accelerate to briskly it misfires on one of the cylinders. This also happens in the top end of the power range for example going from 50-60mph in 5th gear it causes alot of juddering as you can feel it misfire. The engine has also lost alot of its power for example theres a steep hill near to where i live and normally it will just about do it in 3rd gear but last night i had to go up it in first so something is not right there. It also has less torque over the whole power band from when i bought it. I bought in January with 49000 miles and its now done 64500 miles so its done a few miles in quite a short time but its been serviced properly .

Also I have replaced the usual suspects such as spark plugs, HT leads, Fuel Filter, Air Filter and they have all made slight improvements but overall the engine juddering which i presume is a misfire is still there. You can hear the engine tappets rattling but i have been advised that they wouldn't be the cause of the engine juddering/misfire and the problem lies elsewhere. Another anomaly is that I had a diagnostics run on it and on the two separate machines that where used said there where no error codes but the engine management light is on. The engine management light has been on for the last 3000 miles with apparent ill affect until this juddering started about 1000 miles ago.

If there's any common problems that happen to theses cars at this age/mileage it would be good to know but any help or advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your help in advance Jack

01 1.3 Engine misfire/juddering whilst under load - Wurzel83
To what clearance did you gap the spark plugs?

I have heard that Idle Control Valves are a common fault on this engine however the usual sympton is high reving on tick over as opposed to juddering.

Have you had the coil pack checked?

Anybody know whether these angines have EGR valves?

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