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I spent £4,000 at an Alfa dealer in 2009 fixing problems with my car. The gearbox was whining and needed replacing, so it was suggested I replace the clutch at the same time. When I received the car back there was an enormous judder when using the clutch. The dealer took the car back and then said that the flywheel needed skimming. This didn't work, and the very noticeable judder remained. After a long period complaining to Alfa UK, they said there was nothing wrong with the clutch. I took it to another dealer and an Alfa specialist who both said they should have asked you to change the flywheel as part of the job and all agreed that the clutch judder was noticeable. I was left in no-mans land and thought that Alfa UK was being very cynical. I saved up the money (£1,000) and had the clutch and flywheel examined and then replaced. This fixed the problem. I feel hard done by here having to spend £1,000 to prove that the Alfa dealer messed up and then used Alfa UK to hide behind. As a consumer what can I do to reclaim the cost of fixing the problem?

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Take the dispute with the dealer who did the work to www.motorcodes.co.uk who will conciliate and arbitrate if necessary and may order the dealer to repay the £1,000 or be expelled from Motor Codes.
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