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My daughter has recently bought one of these (2006 1.6 petrol life model) and is a little disappointed that the three child seats she has won?t fit side by side on the rear seat. Currently, she is seating the eldest in the sixth seat at the rear. The usual other option, of putting the new born in the front seat, doesn?t seem to be possible, as there?s no means (as far as we can tell) to switch off the passenger airbag.

Has anyone managed to seat three abreast in these?
If so, what type/make of child seats do you use?

Sorry to bring up a well worn topic, but I couldn't find anything specific to this model.

Thanks in advance,

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Is three abreast child seat fitment possible - hillman1 {p}
We manage... just. We have a 3 year old in a stage 2 (I think) car seat, a maxi-cosi priori, an older child in a booster, albeit, not a big one, and a 7 month old in the 1st stage type of baby seat.

As far as I am aware you are able to put a child on a booster on the front seat even with an airbag, provided the seat is in its furthest back setting, but I may stand corrected on this. You would probably be able to verify that on the VOSA (?) website.

Hope that helps.

Is three abreast child seat fitment possible - TheOilBurner
That's right. You can carry children in the front seat, but it cannot be a rear facing child seat unless the passenger airbag has been deactivated.

Other than that, as long as the correct restraint is used, no problems there.
Is three abreast child seat fitment possible - Chips with everything
I've had a look at the website and I'm confused!

Does a child have to be at least 135cm or 12 years old to be in the front on a booster seat? My niece is 5 and considerably smaller than 135cm but she sits in the front of my sister's car.

Is this legal? I'm uncomfortable about it tbh.
Is three abreast child seat fitment possible - TheOilBurner
No, after 135cm / 12 years they can (legally) sit in the front with only the standard seat belt and no booster.

To summarise, once a child is in a forward facing seat or booster they can sit in the front, with an active airbag.

However, I agree with you cwe, I'm not comfortable about it either.

Personally, I don't think kids should be forward facing until (at least) aged 4 anyway:

Which would automatically rule out sitting them in the front.
Is three abreast child seat fitment possible - dereckr
Thanks to all those who have replied?most helpful.

It would seem that there is just too little width for three full child seats, but if one were a booster type for an older child it could work. The eldest child in this case is three and a half, so it does look like she could travel in the front. When both mum and dad are in the car however, she will be confined to the rear sixth seat, which looks a bit vunerable if the car were to be ?rear ended?.

The case made for rear facing seats is interesting. In this vehicle it seems we are unable to use this option for the front seat because of the airbag. Given that the whole purpose of these medium family vehicles is the versatility of the seating arrangement, this car seems to fall short.