02 1.9DTi P1 Error codes help - sportster
I would be most grateful if someone could help me with the following, I have problems with an 80K miles 1.9DTI when starting up. It just does not want to start. When it eventually fires it will run OK, but on long journeys I have noted an intermittent loss of power and the heater plug light comes on for a couple of seconds, it then goes out and all is well for a number of miles.
The error codes I have are P100D and P1028. We replaced the crankcase sensor today, thinking this was the problem but the codes still show and the car is still difficult to start......Doh!

Thanks in anticipation.

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Scenic 02 1.9 DTi P1 Error codes help - sportster
Just to update, it was diagnosed on a Solus Pro, which gave the error codes, unfortunately Snap On don't give the Manufacture specific Enhanced OBD II codes.........Double Doh!

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