07 1.9 Dash lights - Chris75
2007 mk5 Golf 1.9tdi.

When car is first started, the usual dash lights come on and extinguish after a few seconds except for a steering wheel symbol and the ESP (traction) lights.

These two lights remain light until the car is actually moved, then go out within a couple of seconds of being driven.

Is this normal? Or shuld they go out along with the others wither idle or not.

07 1.9 Dash lights - redviper

Its a issue with the golf - see this previous thread


07 1.9 Dash lights - Chris75
Thanks redviper

Seems to be a seperate issue though?

As soon as the car is moved, the lights go out.

What i need to know is should all lights go out without moving the car?
07 1.9 Dash lights - Dynamic Dave
Do they go out if you rev the engine, but remain stationary?

Just wondering if it's a low voltage problem.
07 1.9 Dash lights - Chris75
No, have to start driving the car.

07 1.9 Dash lights - timp
Have you tried driving in a straight line (if possible) after starting to see if the lights only go out if you turn the steering wheel?

I think I came across something about this symptom being related to the steering angle sensor - this affects the power steering (hence the power steering warning light coming on) and the ESP (which needs to know the position of the steering wheel).

The steering angle sensor is located behind the cover underneath and just behind the steering wheel.

07 1.9 Dash lights - Chris75
Thanks Tim

No, not really tested it as I was not sure if it was a problem.

Anyway, car is now with VW and they are investigating. Will update with any results.
07 1.9 Dash lights - Chris75
Tim was correct.

The culprit is a steering sensor. Part on order to be fitted this week.