Wheel balance problem? - bathtub tom
I had a couple of Avon ZV5s fitted to the front and immediately noticed an apparent balance problem from around 70MPH.

They originally balanced the wheels with 'knock-on' weights on the inside rim only. They replaced these with a combination of 'knock-on' weights on the inside of the rim and stick-on weights nearer to the outside of the rim.

I've still got a steering wheel 'shimmy' that comes and goes from around 70MPH. It feels almost as if the tyres are coming in and out of phase, if that makes sense?

Could it be possible that the tread isn't quite 'true' around the tyre and each tyre could be compensating for the other across the axle, but also combining for the wobble I can see and feel at the wheel?

Any other suggestions and how do BRs suggest I approach the fitters to rectify the problem (I've now done a couple of hundred miles on them)?
Wheel balance problem? - L'escargot
Alloy or steel wheels? Tyre size?
Wheel balance problem? - Simon
Take them back and get them to rebalance them. Maybe a weight has come adrift or something. Either way it shouldn't do that in this day and age. If they had to put a lot of weight on the wheel in the first place it could be that the tyre has been constructed poorly.
Wheel balance problem? - perro
>>>I had a couple of Avon ZV5s fitted to the front and immediately noticed an apparent balance problem<<<

If the w/w clearly wasn't there *before* they fitted the Avons - use that as the main point of your arguement and keep giving them gyp!
Wheel balance problem? - bathtub tom
Just got back from the tyre fitters, via the by-pass. The problem now seems to be rectified.

They started off by giving me the old guff about 'only rarely do we have to balance a wheel twice, never three times', and 'it could be the back ones'.

They reluctantly agreed to check the balance of one wheel with the existing weights on - raised eyebrows and an admission there was no evidence of weights coming adrift. Both fronts showed at least a 25 gramme requirement!

It's a pity because I've used them for years. They're my first call for a price before checking one or two other places. I've recommended them to all my friends and acquaintances. Looks like I'll have to find somewhere else.
Wheel balance problem? - Lud
If they've always been good before, bt, it shouldn't be necessary to dump them yet, surely? You had a bit of bad luck with an inexperienced tyre fitter. Have a word and see what they say.

If they used knock-on weights on alloy rims without asking first though I would bin them.

I once got a tyre fitter in Kendal to balance the front wheels of one of my Skodas three times. Neither they nor I twigged (I did eventually) that a damn great lockable nut, just one on each wheel, was to blame. Felt such an idiot when I sussed it.

Rear wheels should be balanced as well as front ones. Even the subliminal tremor of an out-of-balance rear destroys one's peace at speed.

Tyre places come and go. Used to use a family firm near here but when the old man died standards went down a bit and the missus is more grasping and less service-oriented than he was. So they got a bit worse and a bit more expensive. A tough lot, real Londoners, still doing well and one of the sons branching out into high-quality tin-bashing. They can repair your graunched Veyron or McLaren Merc, but I bet it isn't free. And they aren't exactly winsome.
Wheel balance problem? - Blue {P}
Same problem with my Mondeo, the tyre fitters say that both my front alloys are buckled, will be getting my mate to verify this tomorrow and then ordering four replacements from Ebay if he confirms.