Do I need to drive my car set the tyre pressure monitoring system?

After I have adjusted all four tyres to manufactures recommended settings and reset the onboard system, a message appears saying 'tyre pressure registered.' Should I at this point drive the car to set the system immediately, so the computer remembers the last wheel speed, or is each journey a new start and all the system does is check the wheel revolutions for that particular journey?

Asked on 19 June 2024 by hugh

Answered by David Ross
The exact operation of the system may vary between applications, but as a general rule we would suggest that if the system has registered the correct new pressures then there is no need to drive the car any further than is necessary. Some systems require the vehicle to be on the move during the registration process in order to get an accurate reading, but if your car does not require this then there should be no need for it.
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