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I've decided to post this here because I literally don't know what to do in a situation I've found myself in.

First, some background. My girlfriend owns an 03 206 3 door hatchback which has done 33k miles and is running really well. Cheap to run and insure. It is parked nearby our house on the road overnight.

However over the past 2 years there have been a numerous incidents which have damaged the car:
a) Someone kicked the near-side wing in (new wing, repaired - claimed on insurance in Feb this year -- insurance renews every July)
b) Someone walked over the car one Friday night about 3 weeks ago, denting the bonnet and flimsy 206 roof.
c) This morning, one of our neighbours drove into the near-side door, denting it noticeably but not breaking the paint and exposing a ridge which I assume to be the side impact protection. I know who they are and they want to swap insurance details.
d) numerous other small scuffs and scrapes which I would get repaired if it went in for B and/or C

Points B & C are the two which I am looking to get repaired and possibly D depending on cost.

In light of point A I'm loathed to go near the insurers - our excess is something like £300 anyway and it will only get point C fixed.

I spoke to a local & respected garage who looked at the car this morning and they reckon it will be a write-off due to the age of the car: about £1000 for the insurers to buy a new door and spray it back in - something they probably won't want to do?

I'm told that to buy a door second-hand and spray back in would cost roughly £250 to do - much more appealing. The same garage could repair all the other dents to roof, bonnet etc for a total of £1300 including the door - this would fix all points B, C & D.

We love the car, it's running great and it certainly isn't a write-off in my mind.

My questions are, if anyone can help:
1. Can I pick up the phone to the insurer and describe the situation to get an idea as to whether it would be a write-off or not? i.e. if yes, we go down the cash repair route - but how does that affect things with them? They know about the incident then...
2. Is it likely to be a write-off for the door damage?
3. If so, how do they calculate the value of the car to compensate us?

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03 1.1 2003 Peugeot 206 damage to door - write-off - oldnotbold
Take the cash from the neighbour and keep driving it. Why repair it when it's going to be spoiled again so soon?

When you can't stand it any longer put 12 months MoT on it and sell on Ebay. It's worth not a lot, but to throw money at it now is a total waste, and you won't ever see it back, but it sounds as though it's good reliable city transport, so hang onto it for the time being.
03 1.1 2003 Peugeot 206 damage to door - write-off - Simon
Don't involve your insurer unless you have too, the claims or just the mention of the incidents will count against you come renewal time.

B & C would be classed as seperate claims in the eyes of your insurer as they relate to two different incidents, hence you would have to pay your excess twice, (if you can't claim one of them back).