TOP GEAR GTI - Andrew Bairsto
Having just watched the above program on satalite I can only say that it is sad and boring.what is 120 brake does the dumb women mean bhp .Their actual knowledge of motor vehicles seems pretty limited.I want to see a car really examined the bits where the paints missing ,where its not properly welded how good the service agent is etc .And where did that Lacashire hot pot come from? in a recent test of the Mitsubishi L200 he complained about the rigid rear axle and leave springs bearing in mind that this a pick up with good off road capabilities and just about the perfect combination for such work giving much higher ground clearance than can be achieved with IRS or perhaps he wanted it with low profile tyres and spoiler etc.Is ther no proper motoring
programs anymore or am i just nit picking
I must admit it's a bit rubbish, probably why the viewing figures are dropping. They always state the obvious, like 'this big 4X4 doesn't drive like a car' and 'the Daewoo Matiz doesn't have much luggage space'. Mind you, with some people out there, you probably have to state the obvious.
Re: TOP GEAR GTI - Guy Lacey
I started a monster thread about Top Gear a while back and come the end it degraded into a "Hasn't that bird with the gravely voice got a nice set" - well, if you want that then watch Men & Motors on Sky - it *really* is bad but Dave Lacey likes it.

Top Gear have not yet grown out of the "Wazz it round an airfield" mentality. They don't even lift the bonnets anymore.

If I want to see some idiot nearly lose control of a car then I will go to either;

a.) A banger racing circuit;
b.) M5/A38 Bristol to Exeter on August Bank Holiday Caravan Destruction Derby
c.) Weston-Super-Mare seafront awash with Nova GTE's driven by 15 yr olds.
d.) David Lacey in a Richardsons Performance Motorsport Seat Cordoba at a Castle Coombe Track-Day.

Driven is the only motoring prog worth watching (apart from HJ's previous attempt).
Re: TOP GEAR GTI - Simon Whaites
What was HJ's previous attempt then? Was that dealers choice? Only having free tv I seem to have missed HJs efforts,
Re: TOP GEAR GTI - Jonathan
Free TV? Where do you live?

Better watch out for the detector man
Re: TOP GEAR GTI - Marcus
Vicky Butler Henderson ?

Yes she has got a marvellous figure, even if the content of the programme is crap, and Steve "interesting" berry is from t'wrong side of t'pennines, I would turn on my TV to se VBH !

MMMMMmmmmmn ! she can change my head gasket anytime !
Re: TOP GEAR GTI - honest john
Mike Brewer has a new show coming soon on Channel 4. Should be very much worth a butchers.

Soft Tops - Brian
Charlie Dimmock !
Re: All balls - Guy Lacey
See what I mean - one mention of TG and these red-blooded males start harping on about VBH. Easy now.

They r the sort of blokes that r into Baywatch surely?

If I want to see naked women I stick Eurotrash on.
If I want to see an interesting prog on motas I watch Driven.

Re: All balls & TB - Stuart Bruce
Being one of the guilty parties last time that helped to reduce Guy's excellent thread to the level of "isn't the bird etc etc" I would like to add a slightly more considered comment.

Cannot comment on the satellite etc progs, only got terrestial, and even then no C5 (I know I know all original jokes about hillbillies, wellies and sheep looking nervous to the above address please) but I think the problem with TG is symptomatic of TV in general.

1) They are obsessed with viewing figures, which,being realistic, I think we have to accept.
2) They assume that we all have an attention span which is only slightly ahead of a goldfish (2 secs apparently)
3) We will not watch anything unless it has a bit of light relief, eye candy, spectacular effects, whatever

For example how many times have you been watching a news item that you know something about/find interesting when there is some bof trying to present a balanced and informed view. Only to find that as he (and its usually a he) cannot fit the comment into the 30 secs allocated that after 40 secs the journo in the studio starts getting fidgety, 45 secs interrupts and @ 50 secs its thanks, shut up, sod off and back to the studio for a "human interest" item about a terrier and a guinea pig. Quite frankly it makes my blood boil, but then I am getting into Steve Wright Mr Angry mode.

The effect on TG and the like is that the prog does not look at anything in any depth and fills itself up with the sort of garbage I suspect most of us who visit this site hate.

Lets say you wanted to do a piece about a decision quite a few might have to make, eg what do you buy Mondeo, Rover75, Passat, Laguna and I am sure I have left others out just to offend somebody. You could actually fill an entire 30 minutes with that, not just the driving and the toys but other far more important issues, like depreciation, insurance, NCAP tests @ safety, spare part & servicing costs, reliability, ask some owners, the list could go on.

Driven within its current format makes a pretty good shot at this but still only skims over the surface, so unfortunately the buying decisions too often are reduced to "Ooh I'll have that one cos Tiff got that in the most spectacular slide" completely ignoring that Tiff's driving has no relevance to either the A38 on a wet Monday or proper competition driving itself for that matter.

Unfortunately I suspect the in depth format would fall at the viewing figures hurdle. So what *is* the solution.

Rant over I have got to go and hang my coat up as the fur lining on the anorak hoods getting a bit itchy.
Re: All balls & TB - Brian
Have you progressed as far as anoraks. I am still on duffle coats.

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