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I have been driving for over 10 years consistently and was pretty much with the same insurance broker for about 7 years. As we had no need for 2 cars when we had our first child I sold my car and got my wife to put me on her insurance as a named driver. I have been a named driver on her policy for 3 and a half years without any claims whatsoever. When I changed jobs I needed a new car for work so bought a little run around. I stayed with the same insurance provider that I had been a named driver on but they said I had to start my no claims again from scratch as they didnt recognise the no claims as a named driver, which leads me to 2 questions....where has my no claims gone, and whats the point of having named driver insurance if you get sweet FA for it in the future??
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' and whats the point of having named driver insurance if you get sweet FA for it in the future?? '

Not only that, but if you crash or claim regardless of fault as a named driver, you still need to declare that at the next renewal ( whether seeking to insure in your own name or as a named driver ) , so the system only recognises ' negativity ' - a clean record is of no consequence - they only highlight the faults , which seems inherently unreasonable ???

I am fully insured when driving, but looking at it that way, you could see why some people elect to risk having no insurance
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Shop around, somebody will rate you reasonably for the risk you present. NC discounts a bit opaque anyway - they are a discount off a figure that gets tweaked up every year for those who renew without negotiation.

Your wife has accrued the NCD anyway presumably? Do you expect to have your cake and eat it?

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That is why people in that situation swap policyholder and named driver around every year or so.
The longest I have heard an NCD live outside of being insured is 2 years.
There are a number of insurers who grant NCD to named drivers. (directline springs to mind).

It would be like a newly licenced driver claiming max NCD because he hasn't made a claim!

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Don't be too unduly concerned. If you are a low risk, you will qualify for high introductory discounts. I've just had to insure a car after years of having company cars. I qualified for a 60% intro disciunt as I'm a clean risk with no accidents or convictions. NCB/intro discounts are given far too much emphasis, one company has max NCB at 60%, another 65%, another 70%. What difference does it make if the 75% discount is on a base premium of £1000 whereas the 60% discount is on a base premium of £500. The 60% discount is the lower premium and that is all that matters.

Get a few quotes and if you ar a clean risk, the premiums will be low irrespective of your NCB status.

Good luck
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............ whats the point of having named driver insurance if
you get sweet FA for it in the future??

Being a named driver doesn't tell the insurer anything about your current driving habits. For all they know you may only drive once in a blue moon and as such may get little or no experience and hence will be an unknown risk.
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No different to auntie Ethel who does 1500 miles a year for sunday shopping ?