HJ Website Hack - Assistance - tack
I appreciate that there were some concerns that this site had been hacked and fears that details of subscribers obtained.

You may be interested to learn that a website called:


has been launched. The site is run by 2 ex fraud squad guys (one of whom was my boss (Det Supt), and whom I can vouch for as a man of highest integrity)

Basically, you can input your name, address, email address and see if it is at risk. I was horrified when I put mine in to discover that certain of my personal data was sold to criminals in December 2008.

The data returned by lucidintelligence is based on over 100m compromised records supplied to them by informants from all over the world.

The other guy who runs the database is also known to me by reputation, and is a stand up guy by all accounts. He used to receive the same info when he was in force, now he is retired, people still send data to him.

The search process is quite involved as you have to verify your data and you receive email with passwords etc. But, rather than have me describe it to you, take a look. I think if banking data is at risk, you have to cough up a tenner to get the data. Well, an ex copper has to earn a crust to supplement the pension :o)

Some data is free, and gives you a heads up.

(Link made clickably by HJ.)

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HJ Website Hack - Assistance - pmh3
Whilst I do not doubt the intentions of this service, and note that it is https secured, am I alone in being somewhat concerned at entering and confirming information that will link my name, email addresses, and address into a single record.

IF the site ever became compromised, the information would become invaluable!

Also, what a wonderful scheme to set up if you were of criminal intent!
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - jc2
The HRMC scam this week showed a SECURE(httpS) website as the contact!!!
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - rtj70
jc2, it is very easy to setup an HTTPS website. Anyone could do it.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - jc2
jc2, it is very easy to setup an HTTPS website. Anyone could do it.

I know that but others seem to expect it to be secure!!
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - rtj70
HTTPS means the link between them and you is encrypted - nothing more. If you check their certificate it would tell you something (click on the padlock symbol in IE for example) but you still need to trust the other end.

So an HTTPS site is secure. But you can create a secure site that is being used for illegal things.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - mike hannon
So the HMRC (I guess that's the one you meant?) email this week WAS a scam?
SWMBO received the email and, by coincidence, she is actually due a repayment that seems to have been forgotten but after seeing the odd spelling/grammar error and the link direct to banking details we binned it straightaway.
Does anyone know of a link that will explain what the scam was about?
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - JH
if there were an explanation for every email scam... There is only one explanation really and it's the same one every time.

No doubt if she had followed the link she would have been asked for bank details at some point "to allow the refund to be made". Hah hah. and not by a change of tax code? Pull the other one.

I got it too. Windows Live Mail put it straight into Junk. Being nosey I right clicked it, looked at Properties, Details and saw the dodgy links.

Oh - and Googling the subject line is a good test too. Remarkable how many people are due the same amount of refund! :-)


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HJ Website Hack - Assistance - tack
If it helps, both Tim Harvey and Colin Holder were at the Met' and City of London Fraud Squads dealing with fraud prevention initiatives and fraud intelligence. I used to write the anti fraud strategy for the City under Tim Harvey.

Both are highly experienced, have a huge number of contacts in law enforcement, regulatory bodies and organisations/individuals who would rather stay in the shadows.

I am sure that their site is as secure as it can possible be.

I just thought I would let people know it is there, and you can choose to use it or not.

On a personal basis, i am 100% satisfied with the bona fides of the people behind it as I know their ethics and values.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - NARU
Nothing found on me fortunately. But I do tend to be careful where I put my details.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - Hamsafar
Looks like an MI5 honeytrap to me, probably to link anonymous foreign-hosted webmail accounts to names and addresses.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - rtj70
Nothing found on me - and the email address is my personal one used on here (not my moderator one).
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - maz64
It advises you just do a search on your email address first. You don't have to do a house address search.

I was expecting it to find something on my email, but it didn't. I didn't try my house address.
HJ Website Hack - Assistance - tack
"looks like an MI5 honeytrap"

Since my original post, further investigation by me has revealed that, indeed, as you input your details, your eyes are scanned by laser which penetrates your brain and your memory banks are downloaded directly to GCHQ.

Hold on, there is someone at the door...................

Oh Heck , Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, please help me,.......arghhhhhhhhh................................................

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HJ Website Hack - Assistance - pmh3
My primary email was sold in Dec 2008. So what risk does this expose me to? Or is it only increased spam? The site does not quantify risk.

That email address was used on a very limited basis. But had been in existence for about 10 years.