Guarantee on 2nd hand car - hillman
Can anyone point me out to a source of information regarding the guarantee period that auto dealers give. My son has bought a four year old car from a large and successful 2nd hand dealer, huge site - hundreds of cars on show. The dealer has given a 30 day guarantee. I've seen HJ quote periods many times, including sale of goods legislation, but my memory has never been much better than that of a goldfish.
Guarantee on 2nd hand car - Armitage Shanks {p}
Look in FAQs. It mentions the, "fault is presumed to have been present at point of sale if it appears within 6 months, unless dealer can prove otherwise" law.
Guarantee on 2nd hand car - bell boy
30 days is disgraceful

Guarantee on 2nd hand car - pd
Assuming it was a normal retail sale at retail price then 30 days is very miserable and in the event of a major failure (i.e. the engine goes pop, gearbox goes bang) then you would almost certainly have some comeback over 30 days regardless of what the dealer may say.

The right of comeback diminishes with age, mileage and price of the car. In general, on a 4 year old one with a sensible mileage it would be safe to assume you have combeack for several months after sale for major faults but not things like central locking solenoids, aircon needs a recharge etc.
Guarantee on 2nd hand car - Avant
When I bought a seven-year-old BMW Z3 last year, the dealer gave me a 6-month warranty. (James Paul, an independent BMW specialist near Horsham, Sussex - thoroughly recommended.)

I was going to say - go somewhere else and get a longer warranty - but it looks as if Hillman junior has done the deed already. Let's hope the car doesn't turn out to be too much of a minx.
Guarantee on 2nd hand car - kithmo
Could it be a 30-Day MONEY BACK/EXCHANGE guarantee, i.e. if he doesn't like it he can take it back and get his money back or exchange it for another car, or is it a 30-Day WARRANTY ?