00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - Tim17
Hi all I'm new to this, I've recently got the cylinder head off my 1.4 MPI Xreg peugeot 306.
Whilst my head was off the crank was turned and caused the liners to pop up a bit... I've pushed them back down but am unaware of what consequences this might cause?

I've seen a similair sort of thread about this, about the coolant mixing with oil, but there is no coolant in my system because it was drained prior to removing the head. So what I really want to know is have I broken some seals which means when I do refill with coolant it's goin to mix with the oil?

Any help/advice/opinions would be very very much appreciated, thank you.
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
You'll need to have the liners reseated. Look on-line for a local engine reconditioner preferably a member of the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER).
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - none
I must say that I'm not really conversant with modern car engines (Retired commercial vehicle mechanic), but have wet linered car engines been re-invented ? They always were a pain, I can remember from 30 or 40 yrs ago when I worked on cars, wet linered engines needed a total strip down if they overheated. Head gasket replacement always was was hit and miss unless liner protrusion / sealing issues were dealt with. Turning the engine without clamping the liners in place meant disaster. Methinks things haven't changed that much ! (Dry liners were almost as bad - what a job pressing them out and in.)
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - Pugugly

The other thread
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - bell boy
i couldnt even get a reliant 3 wheel plug running after i moved the liners maybe 20 years ago
never touched a wet liner since
no idea what a dry liner is also
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - jc2
Dry liners were used to rebore an engine that had passed it's rebore limit(for most engines sixty thou.) or to produce extra large capacity motors(eg. two litre Kents).The block was overbored-usually breaking thro' into the water-jacket and a dry liner was pressed into the hole-usually sealed with Loctite.The liner was then bored to the required size.Also used in alloy blocks.
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - bell boy
thanks jc2
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - none
I'm not sure about dry liners being used for engine mod's. The one's I'm thinking about (Bedford TK) were replaced when worn beyond limits. The new liners restored the bores to standard. No engine removal, and if the operator was really skint, the old pistons could be re-used, with new rings.
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - jc2
To enable old pistons to be used,the liner must have been unbelievably thin;see what I said above about overboring.
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - none
The block wasn't altered in any way. The old liner was dragged out, and a new one pressed in. The new bore was original spec - as were the original pistons. (All plus or minus a few thou). New rings completed the job, and the motor was good for another few miles.
00 1.4 Engine liners disturbed... :( - Tim17
Thanks guys for all your replies!

It seems I probably could replace the liner seals then, but to be honest... I can't be bothered. The engine needs a new cylinder head anyway, which will cost upwards of £50 for a used one probably.

I'm thinking, I know someone selling a complete engine with ECU, and wiring loom for £180, the reason I need the ECU and wiring loom is because I'm putting a 1.6 in there instead :D

So that's my trail of thought now..

Cheers :)