How to identify post 2006 models? - fredthefifth
Hi All,

Anyone got any pointers for spotting the difference between the pre and post 2006 facelift models (estate preferred)? The HJ review speaks mentions something about the headlights but looking through Autotrader adverts I can't spot any difference difference.

Any tips please?

How to identify post 2006 models? - the swiss tony
check the VIN number... for example
WDB2100062A123456 pre facelift
WDB2100062B123456 post facelift ie A = pre / B = post.
How to identify post 2006 models? - rjr
The shape of the headlights is the same but as HJ says there are louvres at the top of the larger headlights on the facelift model.

I always used the grille to distinguish between pre and post facelift models. The grille is a slightly different shape on the facelift model with a "point" at the bottom centre.

How to identify post 2006 models? - Bagpuss
rjr has it right. The facelift included a louvred effect above the headlights as an answer to the BMW angel eyes daylight running lights. At the same time, the grille design was changed to give a "dynamic three dimensional" effect, i.e. the bottom was moved forward and ends in a point. Also the door mirrors were enlarged and attached to the door via a bar instead of being integrated.
How to identify post 2006 models? - bell boy
my book says
>Mercedes E Class (w211) 2002-2005
This model has 2 clear strips on each rear light.
>>>dont know if its any help seeing as i wouldnt know anyway
How to identify post 2006 models? - fredthefifth
Ok, thanks all.

Bear in mind I am trying to do this from photographs. I have read somewhere that there is something about the rear brake light too. On the post facelift it goes right across, but its not always possible to tell from a photo.

Anyone got any tips for getting hold of a good second hand model? Like is it best to take the price hike of a Merc dealership or go for a non franchise dealership and get a warranty?

Thanks again for the help.